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i was wondering how often anyone here started with just a small lung nodule and it turned out to be cancer? i am a single mom of 4. a ct scan showed a 8mm non calcified lung nodule surrounded by ground glass opacity. i am scared to death it is lung cancer. i am the caregiver of my father who is going thru stage 3 lung cancer right now. he was just diagnosed 2 months ago. any info would be appreciated.

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Mine was 12mm picked up when looking for something else. Watched it for a year since I was a non smoker and PET was negative. I decided to get it out last August and it ended up being stage 1A BAC. Go to a pulmonologist. Get a PET scan. If you are a former smoker I would be very aggressive with treatment i.e wedge resection w/VATS surgery. Or, if all tests are negative you may want to scan it every six months to see if it grows. No need to panic now even though I know from experience that it is not easy. Also lots of these nodules are benign. Curious as to why you had the scan in first place. did you have any symptoms??

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i had an ongoing productive cough for over a year. many times i would be coughing up green phlegm. doc did a ct and that when the nodule was found. i smoked over a pack aday for 12 years. i quit 13 years ago. the lung that the nodule is in, also burns when i take a deep breath in.

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i forgot to ask you, how are you now? are you ned?

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i have mild asthma and i have had bronchitis off and on for 3 years. dont know if that would make a difference or not. my ct from 2003 was clear when compared to this one.

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GET it out ASAP. Hopefully you can have the VATS procedure. I would be very aggressive. do not watch this nodule and since it is so small a biopsy might be inconclusive. Only way to know for sure is to get a piece of the tissue through surgery. I was in a similar situation in that my mother was very ill when all this went down with me but you have to focus on yourself for the sake of your 4 kids. It can still be benign but not worth the risk to wait!

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I am good. Still have some aggravating discomfort from the surgery ( i had the open) but i funtion at same level as prior to surgery except that I can't run as fast yet. Going for my one year scan in Aug and hopefully that will be NED too!

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Nodules in the lung are very common, especjally in smokers or former smokers. They may be benign, (harmless) or may grow and be malignant (cancer).

The way that we know if it is cancer or not is by taking a tissue sample from the nodules and have a pathologist examine it to determine if it is benign or malignant.

There are various ways that doctors procure a tissue sample, the most common being by the inserting a tube into your lung or a procedure called fine needle aspiration (inserting a needle into the nodule and sucking out tissue to be examined. The technique employed depends on the size of the nodule and where it is located in your lung.

If the nodule in your lung is very small, it may be too small to procure a tissue sample. The accepted practice is to observe the nodule at three or six month intervals to determine if it is growing. When it is sufficiently large to biopsy, one needs to be taken.

When your faced with potential cancer the thing to do is not panic, use good medical practice and have it treated by a clinic that specializes in lung cancer treatment. Lung cancer is extremely complex and few hospitals have staff members that are experienced and copmpetant in it's treatment.

The safe way to have it diagnosed and treated by expeerts is to go to a National Cancer Institute recognized Comprehensive Cancer Treatment Center where most lung cancer cases are treated.

I had a nodule, diagnosed by biopsy and had the lung lobe containing the adenocarcinoma lung cancer removed (a lobectomy). That was nine years ago and I have been NED (no evidence of disease) sincer then.

You do need to monitor the nodule by having CT scans, but you do need to know that the majority of nodules don't turn out to be malignant.

Good luck my dear and keep this network informed. They can be of help in supporting you. Most important, do not hesitate to have real experts treat you and be very ready to seek second and third opinions. With lung cancer second opinions are the rule, not the exception.


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I agree 120% with what The Highlander Guy shared with you. He and I are pretty much attached at the hip on this nodule issue. The nodule could very well be infection or scare tissue and it may have NOTHING to do with lung cancer,

Warm Regards,

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I went to two lung surgeons who both thought my 1 cm nodule was NOT cancer because it had not grown in over six months of CT scans/PET negative. I decided to have it out with VATS and it was stage 1A BAC slow growing cancer. I am 59, it was found after breast cancer (unrelated cancers) routine CT scan, and I urge you to have it OUT! My bronchoscopy was negative and my needle biopsy was inconclusive. I am six weeks out of lobectomy (done with the VATS biopsy), and the pain is lessening, I am getting back to normal, and the wheezing from surgery is almost gone. Prayers and hugs! n

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You sahouldn't give this type of answer...
" started 11 mm nodule, now stage 4. Sorry no comfort from me. Good luck"

Because you gave no information to her about yourself.. we are all different and not all nodules turn into stage 4 or even cancer.. it could just be like connie said a infection or scare tissue.. ..
it would be a little more comforting to hear how your nodule turned into stage 4 as she asked you - other than the good luck card..

although I pray for each and every one on this site and every where who has been delt the LC card..
stay strong and always get a second opinion when you feel you need too.. and try not to take all the info in all at once..

God Bless you
I pray your nodule turns out to be a infection or scare tissue..

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i appreciate all comments however it saddens me that no ones nodules were not cancer. little hope.

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I am in a similiar situation to you. Have an 8mm nodule with ground glass characteristics (nodule has increased in size from 2mm exactly a year ago). I have yearly (sometimes x 2 year) CT's for precious rare lung cancer - carcinoid. I am an ex smoker too.

Got several opinions. Could be infection, could be scarring or could be cancer. Docs say wait another 3 months and redo scan (easier said than done). Mine is in an awkward position and needle biopsy might not give good evidence. I am not keen on having lung surgery (been there and done that).

So I will wait and bite my nails and see what turns up. I know of several people where the "mass" has suddenly disappeared. I hope for both of us that this is the case.

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There's always hope Maryann. When a small nodule was found to have grown alittle in me approximately 11 weeks ago, given the fact that I was a smoker I opted to have it removed immediately.I am staged now 1A.I don't take surgery lightly but it seems like the earlier these things come out the better chances we have.
But PLEASE, under no circumstances give up hope. It is always there and I beleive important to have.
My prayers to you and keep us posted.

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hhhdai, don't stop now I look for your posts, their so informative and helpful, I'm so tired of the smoking did it, if thats the case why doesen't all the tax money from cig go for lung cancer research, it don't. So you were alittle blunt, we all have off days and are tired of dealing with cancer. Please don't stop keeping us informed with your tech knowledge. Thank You

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Hi Maryann: I also have nodules with ground-glass opacities - impression on my ct scan: emphysema (moderate). I don't see the pulmonary Dr until May 18th.

Ground Glass- is a nonspecific term that refers to a hazy lung.

Ground glass is usually a sign of inflammation or fibrosis.

They do a bronchoscopy or a lung biopsy to determine the cause.

The most common causes of ground-glass appearances include:

interstitial lung disease
interstitial pneumonia,
nonspecific interstitial pneumonitis
desquamative interstitial pneumonia,
hypersensitivity pneumonitis
pulmonary oedema
pulmonary haemorrhage
type of cancer seen with this- Bronchoalveolar cell carcinoma

bottom line, it can be caused by many different types of conditions.

Keep me updated -Julie in Southern California

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I did a lot of research on my own regarding nodules with ground-glass opacities.

You had a CT done right? Did you get a copy of the CT....

When do you see your doctor?

Most nodules are benign from everything thus far I have read - and I also e-mailed a doctor on another site. - He wrote me back.

Keep the faith - it is probably NOT cancer! But difinitely follow up with your doctor. Do you have an appointment with a pulmonary specialist?

I will let you know how my appointment goes on the 18th.

I am off with my husband to play a Holdem Poker tournament - bee back around 6:00 PM.
Julie in SoCalif


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My advice would be to chill. Wait for the results of the CAT scan before you panic. This could be nothing!

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Candigrl wrote:

"appreciate all comments however it saddens me that no ones nodules were not cancer. little hope."

Uh, maybe the ones whose nodules were NOT cancer so no reason to hang around this website! ;)

Good luck.


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good point.

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Most people once they learn what there nodule is, be it scare tissue, TB, infection, or that it goes away, they honestly don't hang out here. Ellen is 120% right on that one. No need to hang out on a Lung Cancer Support Board! We've had a LOT of people with the dreaded nodule stop in and pass through when they learn they are fine.

Think positive and best wishes, I'm sure you'll be fine.

Best wishes,

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