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Has anyone else had a problem with your lung making noise at night while sleeping. If I lay on my left side at night my lung sounds like it has a cat in it, it's making so much noise. This is the same side that the tumor is in. It only happens at night while I am sleeping. If I role over and lay on mu right side or stomach it stops.

The tumor did shrink from 9.6cm to 2x4x1 cm. It was still showing some activity when they stopped the chemo Carbo/Taxol due to neuropathy. I have another pet scan scheduled for Jan but was thinging I chould contact my oncologist about this noise coming from my lung.

Any ideas?

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The PET in January may be soon enough for a scan, but I think I would still contact your oncologist. From my own personal experience; my lungs at times have sounded like an old saddle, and, like you, it sometimes depended on position. The sound definitely correlated with stuff going on though, whether it was an infection or my cancer on the move, so I think a call to your doctor is warranted.

Best of luck,


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I surely agree with Linnea, it's best to call whenyou feel and/or hear sounds that you wouldn't want to feel or hear in a healthy body, right?

Just yesterday on awakening I thought I heard a small rattle in my lung and will mention it when I start my after treatment - extra insurance chemo on Tuesday. I had a very good result from 3 months of chemo/rad and dr. gave me a choice for those possible hidden c-cells that might have gone undetected & I said YES.

I wish you an abundance of good health and loving relationships and of course excellent medical care! Let us know how you're doing from time to time if you will.


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My Mom's is doing the same thing. She has fluid around her lung in the same lung where her tumor is. We are still waiting for test results. Please don't wait. Call your doctor just to be safe. Good luck and hope all is well!!

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Before I was diagnosed, I would hear an odd rattling at night that I never even thought about being from my lung. It probably was now that I know what was in me (if I knew then what I know now!)

As i improved on therapy, the rattling has gone away. Therefore, I'd encourage you to err on the side of caution and please report to your oncologist. Maybe they can move up the scan if they feel it necessary.

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Yes! I have had that sound a few times. The first time I called my dr. and was put on the z-pack and it went away. I have a perscription for the pack for the next time. But I would call your dr. and tell him. Hope you feel better. Debbie

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Thanks to everyone that responded. I will give the doc a call just to make sure nothing is going on.

Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

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My husband also makes noise while sleeping. I have looked for the cat on a few occasion, to realize it is his wheezing

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I did post this question on Grace and received a message back from Dr Weiss. He thought it was nothing to really worry about but advised that I should let my Dr know. He diid give a very good explanation as to why it may be happening.

Ii did put my mind at ease

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Can I chip in, slightly tongue in cheek?

It seems simple to me. Don't sleep on your left hand side! {Shrug?}

With love and best wishes, Carolyn x

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Good advice Carolyn LOL I will try that but might miss the cat waking me up :)


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Mine does the same thing - same side also. I have more cancer on the left than the right. Also had wedge resection and chest tube for 3 mos on left. I also seem to cough more when I lay on my left side. Bummer - uncomfortable laying on the same side all the time. However, my lungs are clear when they check them @ Oncologist. Go figure.

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I am lucky in as much as I do not have the cough but you are right it does get old sleeping on the same side all the time.

If you go to you can see Dr Weiss response to me Re/ this question. It did put my mind at ease.

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I had my Tumor removed and part of my left Lung. I notice a wheez when I lay on my left side! My Oncologist listens to my chest and tells me it sounds normal for someone who had Surgery. But I may ask him about it again next time I see him. We're trying again to do my Third Chemo, it's been 7 weeks since my last Chemo. Low White count! Wish me luck!

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I also wheeze at night when I lay on the side of my cancer but it's gotten much better now that I use a good humidifier. If it's really bad, I use an albuterol inhaler, but I haven't had to do that much since getting the inhaler.
Good luck,

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Thanks Joye for responding. I have a doc appointment on the 19th and I will ask him about it. Mine sounds like cats fighting. It will start for awhile then stop and start up again. My wife can even hear it when it starts.

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