lung damage-scar tissue - Anyone go thru this??

After a long 3 weeks in the hospital. Today we were told that they believe what we are dealing with now is inflamation and scar tissue in the lungs. A little history.. dad was dx with stage III lung cancer, went thru chemo/radiation treatment (results showed cancer is at bay), 3 weeks ago had a blood clot and pneumonia. Blood clot is resolved and they think the pneumonia is gone now but his lungs are serverely damaged. He is still on oxygen, using a Bipap to assist at night.
They tell us they do not feel this will get better. But do say, never know he could surprise us all over the next few weeks. Their goal is to get him strong enough to move to a Nursing Home.
Has anyone else went thru this?? Is there really nothing out there to help heal the lung??
Desperately trying not to lose hope!!!

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I am confused. What type, grade and stage is your fathers lung cancer? How was it diagnosed? What treatment has he had for the lung cancer?

Normally, in this era of anti-fiotics, people are rarely in the hospital for many days with pneuemonia.

Does he have other complications?

Is he being treated by the Paul Carbonne Comprehensive Cancer Center?

I am sorry, but from what you are stating here, things just arn't adding up. Please advise.


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Stage III non small cell lung cancer. - treatment was 4 rounds of chemo with 30 shots of radiation. His treatments were done in Aug, cancer in remission. End of Oct he was admitted to the hospital for a blood clot. While at the hospital pnuemonia was discovered. His case apparrently very unique, they were not real sure what was going on. Latest CT scan showed pnuemonia is gone but fibrosis is setting in. The Radiation doctor is explaining as his body went into super healing mode after treatment. Continued to form scar tissue (pnuemonia didnt help, because that formed more). 2 doctors (pulmonary and oncologist) don't think the lung tissue will get anybetter but not sure said he could surprise us, 1 doctor (radiation doctor) is bit more optimistic - trying Trental and Vitamin E in hopes it will repair some tissue and regain some lung capacity.

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Radiation pneumonitis is treatable in some cases. That would be just scarring, irritation and possibly infection of some kind.

My 3b lungs were zip cured with the admonition that the cancer was notorious for returning (adenocarcinoma). I now have pulmonary fibrosis which is where you do not want to go. The mediastinum linking the lungs and the two main portals to the lungs have all the air sacs plugged forever and forever amen. No way to break it up.
No treatment after the initial round of Prednisone.

Chest disease guy says it's critical to get flu shots and do not get cold, flu or pneumonia. I don't know where I keep getting my colds but would suggest you ask visitors not to come if they have been exposed to even a simple cold. The biggest culprits are the littlest critters (CHILDREN WHO BRING IT HOME FROM SCHOOL ALONG WITH THE HOMEWORK).

If your dad is not on continuous oxy, I would view that as a positive sign.

Hope that this goes well for you.


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PS: I have been unable to locate a clinical trial for radiation pneumonitis or radiation fibrosis. You may be able to locate something in your area.

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I started out with pulmonary fibrosis & then dx with adenocarcinoma stage 3 in June. Since I already have pulmonary fibrosis, radiation was not an option because radiation causes scarring. MD Anderson Houston made this decision after meeting to discuss my specifics.

I'm sorry this has happened to your Dad but I want you to know that before I had my lobectomy the fibrosis was a big inconvenience but I would take it over cancer. I'm not sure how much fibrosis has occurred but I had between 50 & 60% lung capacity and wasn't on oxygen. I just wanted to give you a glimmer of hope that fibrosis might not be awful for your Dad.

Before my lobectomy I was able to walk a mile on a treadmill. I would get short of breath but not horribly so. It changed my life but I still traveled and did all the things I did before, I just did them a bit more slowly.

Please don't give up hope. The more I did, the more I could do. Once he's feeling better maybe he could do a round of pulmonary rehab to get back some functionality.

Good luck


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Some natural susbtances that may offer some benefit...

Full text link for download below (take to your onc to discuss)



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