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My fiancé was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma, NSCLC Stage 1 B Feb 2010, had his lower lobe of his right lung removed and two months later received Gemzar/Cisplatin chemo. Here we are, one year later, waiting results of a scheduled CT Scan. This will be the first scan since the one done right after he completed the chemo. I am very nervous and am trying my best to stay positive for his sake. But when I'm not with him, it's a very different story for me. I'm hoping some of you can give me the GOOD news. I'm not crazy about the oncologist as he's been very doom and gloom. Doesn't help! Thanks.

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It is perfectly natural and understandable to be feeling like this. It is known as scanxiety here on Inspire, and sums it up very well. Somehow, we all find our way through it, but it affects all to one degree or another.
What I would say to you is Stage IB is very early stage. How fortunate for your fiance that it was found so early. The surgery and follow up chemo give him an excellent prognosis.
Many people don't have this good fortune, and are in very advanced stages when diagnosed. But even Stage IV patients can live long and fulfilling lives with their cancer controlled by treatment. Check out the Survivors' Stories.
My guess would be that your fiance's scan will be normal. If there had been real concerns about it coming back, he would have been on 3 month scans.
Please come back and share the good news with us!
With love and best wishes, Carolyn

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1B is a very early stage. If they let him go a whole year without a scan, they must be confident that they cured him. Try not to worry. Remember, 99 percent of the things you worry about never happen!


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I was dx with stage IB adenocarcinoma in April of 2005. Notice the date--almost 6 years ago. Best of luck and stay positive. I will be thinking of you both.


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Scanxiety is hard on all of us, not a lot you can do but distract yourself and try to chase negative thoughts away by thinking positive. And you can always change doctors, I did, I am so glad I love my new doc. no one needs doom and gloom. Hang in there

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