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I was dx with a Pancoast Tumor in August 2009. I have not had surgery but had 35 radiations and have been on chemo for 15 months. I have had a PET scans every three months. 6 months ago cancer was seen in the adrnal gland. Yesterday's scan showed improvement in the lung, the tumors have shrunk on both adrenal glands but the activity level is higher. I have not talked to the doctor because he is out of town. Has anyone had this. Thanks.

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Do you know why no surgery? Did you have any spread when first diagnosed? What chemo are you receving? Take care, Judy

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Inoperable because of the location. They would have to remove part of the chest wall, several ribs and probably be on oxygen and pain pills for the rest of my life. The cancer was in the lung until 9 months ago and spread to the adrenal glands. The chemo I am getting is taxol/carbo/avastin. Taxol/carbo weekly and the avastin the third week. I have been getting this cocktail since june.

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That's an awful lot of chemo, are you in a clinical trial? You said 15 mos. on chemo, did you get a different chemo before? Where are you getting treatment? Take care, Judy

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My disease spread to my adrenal glands about 6 months after I had my surgery (pneumonectomy). This was 4 years ago. I have been on chemo since then. For the last 2 years I have been on Avastin, which has stopped my disease from progressing but not eliminating it. Earlier this year I became quite ill, losing a lot of weight, severe diarrhea, a lot of pain. I spent most of the time in bed. I went to the hospital 3 times for this. I was very sick, but ct scans showed no progression of my disease. Finally, it was determined that my adrenal glands had stopped working. Since then I have been on replacement therapy with steroids, and I am starting to feel "normal" again. Look up Addison's disease (adrenal insufficiency) if you start to get any of the symptoms it might be a good idea to consult an endocrinologist.

I hope everything works out for you.


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