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I wrote earlier this week that my mom died on Tuesday. Since we are not having a funeral, my co-workers wanted to know what charity I would like to direct their $ collection.

I'm not in any shape to do any research about my options. I'd like to find a 501(c)3 that is specifically lung cancer with low overhead costs.

Perhaps a stupid Q, but does Lung Cancer Alliance fit the bill? Is there another charity that is more directed toward lobbying for more $ for lung cancer research?

Also, I am donating the wheel, shower, and commode chairs, walker and pneumatic hospital bed cover to the Red Cross of Arlington. The Free Clinic did take ALL (even opened) unexpired Rxs. And I gave 27 lbs of convenience foods I bought for my mom to the Food Bank. The Free Clinic took all the Boost, Ensure and BioCare Slush I couldn't EVER get my mom to drink.

I'm still looking for someone who needs unopened O2 tubing and a $300+ wig with accouterments never worn only tried once.


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Hi Yvette,

I can definitely speak to the questions you have regarding LCA. I'm copying and pasting what our development director sent me back in November when someone emailed me asking about overhead because she was thinking about including us in her CFC contribution:


"Our overhead is only 22.8% - well within good governance and operating standards for non-profits. This is even more significant given the fact that LCA is essentially a start-up non-profit and remains in the process of setting the foundation to sustain its unique programs over the long-term. And let’s be clear -- we are establishing programs – we do not give funds directly to research. LCA’s Empowerment programs provide direct patient help and information for the millions at risk – the Awareness program is carrying out the first-ever national public awareness campaign to break down years of stigma, misperceptions and myths about the disease – and the Changing Policy program works with hundreds of volunteer advocates across the country to engage government leaders and introduce groundbreaking legislation that will finally make lung cancer a national public health priority and direct millions of public health dollars to research and support for early detection. We hire great people to run these programs and it requires a consistent investment of time and resources to be effective – as evidenced by LCA’s many milestones in just three years."


There are several great organizations that raise money that goes directly to research. We do not do this. However, what we do is work with our congressional reps. and committees to get funding from them to go specifically to lung cancer research. So even though we don't directly raise money for research, we do generate it through other advocacy and policy routes.

I can also tell you that in terms of charitable organizations, and how they are measured, Charity Navigator gave us a 3-Star Rating - exceeding industry standards and performing better than most charities. This is the second highest rating from America's premier independent charity evaluator.
We also received the Independent Charities Seal of Excellence Award, given to fewer than 2,000 charities that have, upon rigorous independent review, been able to demonstrate that they meet the highest standards of public accountability, program effectiveness, and cost effectiveness.

Hope that helps.


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Sorry you are having to deal with all this stuff at a time when it's hard to think straight.

I think that LCA would be a terrific charity for your co-workers donations. Another good one - also Charity Navigator 3 star - is Lungevity, based in Chicago. They raise funds directly for research, so it just depends whether your donors want to give directly to research, or to a lobbying organization that raises awareness and funding from congress and the public. I like them both, but I think LCA has the edge because of their focus on early detection, and raising awareness, particularly among government officials.


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I agree with Susan

Phil C.

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LCA would be my first choice. They are changing the face of and awareness re: lung cancer, an oft-neglected cancer.

I am so sorry about your loss, Yvetter, but time does have a way of ameliorating things, and your mother would have wanted you to go on and find joy, and I think it honors a loved one who passed away--living life to the fullest.

Be well--emotionally and physically.

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I also like the LCA choice. The support that it provides over and above the Awareness and Changing Policy programs is something that many of us (really most or all of us) could not find elsewhere.

How wonderful that you are thinking of others at a time like this. You are a terrific person Yvette, and I am sure your mother is smiling at you from her happy and healthy seat in heaven!


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Lung Cancer Alliance based in Washington DC. IS the only Lung Cancer Advocate organization in the USA.

There is no other option in my mind. What they do and do so well is for all of us why would we consider an organization that keeps the $$$ for themselves (Overhead) or has the word "Lung" in their tittle but do NOTHING for Lung Cancer

Please do NOT give to ACS/American Cancer or ALA/American Lung Assoc. as they DO NOTHING for Lung Cancer and that is a fact

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You've convinced me to choose LCA.

I've written it before and read it here before too, that the support I've received through the folks I've met here has surpassed the support of my first life friends.

American Cancer Society did take the wig and the woman who answered the phone at the DC chapter of the Lung Asso. didn't understand what oxygen tubing or nebulizers were so I still don't know what I'm to do with that.

AmyMaura- To whose attention should I have the donors send the check? Just sent to the DC address?


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Hi Yvette,

Thanks for your support and that of your friends/co-workers. It's through these donations that we can continue the work that we do to make sure that everyone who needs it gets the support and information that they need, and that lung cancer gets on (and STAYS on) the national agenda and is not forgotten or ignored.

Donations can be sent to:

Lung Cancer Alliance
PO Box 630972
Baltimore, MD 21263-0972

That's different from our office address. I know that has to do with bookkeeping/financial transparency issues, but that's the extent of my knowledge.

Checks can be made to Lung Cancer Alliance.

I know this is a difficult time for you and your family, Yvette. I truly thank you for thinking of us.

Best wishes,


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I am convinced LCA it is. Thanks so much for your replies.

Bless all of you.

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