lung atelectasis

Dear all,
I need your advices to get rid of atelectasis..
thank you

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What is causing the atalectasis? If it is small atelectasis caused by congestion it will probably clear up on it's own whenever the cause of the congestion clears up. I had atelectasis that was caused by a tumor in the bronchiole.....the atelectasis went away when chemo shrank the tumor. I am not sure there is anything ( no Home remedy anyway) you can do to make any atelectasis go away....

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Is it obstructive or non-obstructive? What has the doctor said can be done, if anything?
Take care, Judy

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Hi Kostebek,
It is dependant on what has caused this lung to collapse.
Is it partially or fully collapsed?
I am assuming partially, or I think you would be in the hospital.
Fortunately with lung cancer you can live with this lung partially collapsed,
I have one myself.
Usually the treatment is to insert a chest tube into the lung to drain it if it is fluid or air.
Chest percussion from a professional, and experienced respiratory therapist sometimes is ordered, as is incentive spirometry.
The goal being to re-inflate this collapsed lung.
It is not something a home remedy is gonna do for you.
Prevention of collapsed lung can be done by deep breathing exercises taught to you by an experienced and licensed respiratory professional, and under the direct order from a physician.
This as I said is very important that a physician writes an order to do this.
You can jeopardize yourself by taking any kind of action on your own.
If you are not happy with what your physician or oncologist is telling you to do, by all means get another opinion.
Some things we just don't think about when we have collapsed lungs, one of them is can I fly on an airplane?
Not one doctor seems to have the same opinion on this one..
This is another area I have found to be in the gray zone when it comes to atelectasis.
Good luck, and God bless you,

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Is your mum experiencing any symptoms from this? I found out today that my latest scan shows I have a small pneumothorax and an area of collapsed lung. They don't seem to be troubling me, so it's wait and watch. It may be that your mum doesn't need any treatment for it just yet, but if it causes difficulties, they will find the best course of action.
My thoughts are with you and your mum, hoping she gets over these set backs and recovers well. With love and best wishes, Carolyn

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Hi Kostebek,
Atelectasis is usually treated with some form of positive pressure. This can be accomplished by CPAP, or in most cases by simply moving. That is walking, sitting upright, not staying lying down for hours on end. Incentive spirometry is generally the course of action. The object is to re-inflate that lobe or lung. Taking deep breaths is the key. Sometimes, as Cuddles says, chest physiotherapy and postural drainage may help in clearing the atelectasis, but the major thing to do is re-inflate that lung. There are incentive spirometers that are pretty reasonable in price and are available at most medical supply websites or pharmacies.

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dear all
atalectasis is caused by the tumor in her left lung.
It makes her feel chest pain and coughing.
Her doctor tolf nothing about this atalectasis but we will go back to chemo after 10 months of remission ...

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