'lump' between rib cages

Hello everyone,

My mom and i noticed a 'lump' between the lower half of her rib cages. It is not big (haven't gotten the chance to measure, for i don't want to scare her), not red, and looks kind of like a bone. She does not complain of pain, or difficulty breathing. I searched online, and it could be lymph nodes? My parents are seeing the oncologist on Friday, and i wonder if this could wait til then? Anyone experienced this before?

By the way, i know this sounds silly, but what do you mean by enlarged lymph nodes? Where can lymph nodes be found at?

Thanks in advance! God bless!

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Please try not to assume and scare yourself to death.
I am a nurse and my daughter a real smart student nurse, yet we both found a lump on my friend in the abdominal area, even the NP in the doctors office sent his for an abdominal ultrasound to rule out an aneurysm.
It is a muscle, that when pulled taut just came out as if it were a hernia, or a large abdominal aneurysm.
Now 2 trained nurses, and a Nurse practioner all thought it was a lump of some kind that was going to turn out bad.
It did not. All is well. We found out today.
So relax, take a deep breath, and until you get real answers from an xray or a CT scan, stop thinking too much.
It can scare the daylights out of you both.
God bless Sandy

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I think I have the same thing, a small lump right where the ribs meet in the front. I noticed it when I was in the hospital, after having a chest tube. It feels like a piece of cartilage was pushed out of place. I made every doc who passed through my room take a look and feel it and they all said basically "I wouldn't worry about it". I'm still worried about it, though, and will be until a scan tells me it really is nothing.

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