Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

Hi Everyone:
Has anyone taken LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) to boost their immune system during or after treatment?
I'm seeing a holistic doctor, in addition to my onc and cancer hospital.
My holistic doctor prescribed LDN 4.5 mg for me but I haven't started taking it yet.
If anyone is taking it, I love to hear your experience with it.

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My wife has been taking LDN for 18 months and never had a problem with it. Her immune system is working very well. Is it because of LDN? Honestly I don't know. Anyway so far so good.

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We saw the the LDN's antiinflammatory effects in a couple of a days and it is very important for us because inflammation is a key point in cancer growth. ( and no side effcts)


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Interesting consideration. I wouldn't think it would be good to be on this type of medication during chemo since it blocks the effects of drugs. Maybe it would be more useful after chemo. I would agree anything that helped reduce inflammation would be useful but there other drugs that help this problem. It is FDA approved which is a good thing. It does have a lot of side effects and still sounds like a dangerous drug to use with out strict guidelines and monitoring.
Julie JB

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Thanks everyone for your replies.

I always like to do research before I start taking a new drug. I have an appointment with my alternative doctor to talk about LDN, but she prescribed it so she'll most likely tell me to take it.

I don't need chemo at this time so that's not an issue. But I do plan to have radiation so I need to find out if there will be an issue with that.

I'll let everyone know what I decide. But thanks again for your replies.


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Naltraxone, even LDN, only blocks pain receptors thus negating any opiate based pain killers.

Let's not "lump" all medications as being contraindicated with the use of Naltraxone.

Even if taken concurrently with opiates, it won't make you ill. The opiates simply won't have the desired effect of relieving pain.


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My companion was diagnosed Stage IV NSCLC in February 2009. After radiation, he experienced severe pain in his back before learning of LDN. The LDN has relieved most if not all of his pain, and he has been stable for over a year while on Navelbine. His onc is quite impressed.

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Hi Cukes,

That's very encouraging to hear. I have Stage1A NSCLC and am scheduled for SBRT radiation for the week of Feb. 4.

I'm debating whether to start the LDN before the radiation or after it. My biggest concern is that the pharmacist from the compounding pharmacy said I'll probaby have to take it the rest of my life. I'm worried that once I start it, if I stop, the cancer will come back.

Thanks for your comment.

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I have read that for maximum effect it should be taken with alpha lipoic acid. Do not remember the sites, but you may want to research.
My husband was on Suboxone, containing LDN, prior to his diagnosis and has continued on it through his treatments. No one has suggested discontinuing. I have recently added the alpha lipoic acid to his regimen.

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