Lobectomy for pulmonary sequestration

I had a lobectomy (lower right) three months ago. I've found a lot of the recovery experiences here very encouraging. My lung lobe was removed because of a defect, not cancer, and it's rare, so I was wondering if anyone else has been through this.
I still have a numbness around my diaphragm on the right hand side and get short of breath when taking even light exercise. What have folk found is the best approach to getting fitter?

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Ask your dr if you can get Pulmonary rehab. They teach you how to breath more effectively and exercise safely.
Walk. If you can walk 100 ft do that. Do it several times a day.
Wishing you all th ebest,

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I am dittoing Annika. Walk and walk then walk some more. I am 2 years out from my upper left lobectomy and I am still walking. I still get winded walking up inclines, but I think I might be getting a tad better. Just don't stop moving.


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You also have to remember, things are shifting around in there after the lobe was removed. You shouldn't overdo the exercise as in weights or pushing and pulling to give yourself time to heal properly and let things settle down inside. Seeing a pulmonary doctor is a good idea, as suggested.
Take care, Judy

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Like everyone has said, walking is the best medicine. For me, adding Beta Glucan(ate) and Alpha Lipoic Acid to my supplements helped me to get the feeling back in that area. The nerve endings will eventually reconnect and slowing you will get the feeling back and the numbness will go away. Takes time. If you're on chemo, ask the doc if it's ok to take the supplements. They both are good regimen for boosting your natural immune system, as well.

Wishing you a good recovery,

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It takes awhile for that to go away. Lidocaine patches over the incision will help with the numbness even the frontal numbness. Vitamin b complex, worked wonders for me. Careful not to take too much b 6 which can cause neuropathy. Walking as everyone has said is key to regaining endurance. The incentive spirometer that they hopefully sent you home with is such a great tool. It is like a bow flex for your lungs. I still use it nine months later! Good luck!

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I am three months out also and I have the numbness also. Some shooting pains that last a second or two in different spots and sometimes it still feels like my shirt is snagged on something where the chest tube was but is really isn't. I figured it was all due to the nerve's being cut so it really doesn't bother me anymnore. I have been playing golf for the past few weeks without issue. Good luck


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Thank you. Great advice. I am encouraged. I noticed improvements in the early weeks almost day-by-day but recently feel I'm on a plateau, recovery-wise. But I will do more walking and look into those supplements.

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I had a lower lung lobectomy when I was 4 years old due to malformation when I was born..
And i'm 30 now, and doing fine.

It will get better!

I don't remember a lot about recovery as a 4 year old, but I have no breathing or problems now. (and didn't for most of my life growing up, that I can remember)

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