LDN(low dose naltraxone)

I have multiple sclerosis and use LDN with good results. My sister has stage 1V lung cancer. I think this may help her,but what happens if you take LDN and pain medications?

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If she needs narcotic pain meds to control pain she can't take LDN. LDN blocks the pain sensors so narcotic drugs don't work.

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LDN will block the receptors for opiates hence, no effect from any opiate painkillers.
LDN should not be used in anyone taking them.


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What does she do for pain then?

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There are some non-opioid painkillers depending on the severity of pain otherwise, she'll need to wait until she's painfree to use LDN.
Unfortunately, that's the downside to LDN.


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I'm not so sure that's the only downside to LDN.

My own experience and research indicates sleeplessness, gastro-intestinal distress, fluid loss and weight loss are often experienced on LDN.

There are all sorts of claims being made about LDN and why it's the user's problem if they experience side-effects: ie: gut dysbiosis, immune system imbalance etc.

Yet some people with chronic infections and markedly poor immune function, like HIV sufferers, can often do well on LDN - making these claims nonsensical.

Much more research is required IMO. It can be a lifesaver for some though so it's worth a trial if you are in need.

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Yes, there are potential side effects to LDN but, opioid use is an absolute contraindication. This is true for everyone.
Not everyone has these side effects and some may be minimized by other methods.


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My dad has been taking LND for about three months now. He has been been dealing with severe TMJ since his diagnosis (stage 3a) and lung removal in 2/09. He takes Motrin a couple times a day (he tries not to take it unless he really needs it). Will the Motrin interfere with the LND? Or vice versa??? Thanks soooo much.


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Motrin will have no effect on the LDN, you can not use opiates with LDN

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Very true G.

Some people have done extremely well on LDN. Others not so well.

It does frustrate me however that some medicos persist on telling us that it has no side-effects. This is a long way from the truth.

And when amateurs start dolling out the old "treat the candida" line when people have obvious effects from medicine, I shake my head.

I encourage people to try LDN. It's surely a better option that mainstream chemo protocols for a lot of people.

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I've been on LDN since October 09. I had an excellent scan 6 weeks later, all lesions stable and shrinking, 3 with only very minimal increase. I have BAC with a scattering of small spots in both lungs. November 09 was my best scan since Jan.06 when I went into remission for a year. My next scan is scheduled for the end of May, so I'll see in May if there is further improvement. My doctor started me at 1 mg. , progressed to 1 1/2mg, progressed to 3 mgs, then to 4.5mgs. Perhaps that's why I haven't had any side effects. I also take it in pill form, so there are no fillers.

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Hello Charlene,

Good on you for having such success with LDN.

Can you tell me how your pharmacist managed to get you dosages as low as 1.5mg without a filler in pill form?

The pill would be miniscule.

Even at 4.5mg, there is a need for a filler such as lactose or the like to make the capsule or pill big enough.

Best wishes,


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