Is Oasis of Hope a scam?

Anybody have any experience with this hospital, or know somebody who went there?

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Trials have been done in the US on one of their treatments-Laetrile, which contains cyanide. Here is a link that gives you more info. Take care, Judy

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Hi Michael,
Wondered the same thing myself. Have watched their infomercials and think a lot of what they do for you has to help and sounds very similar to the alternative add-ons at Cancer Center of America ie accupuncture, massage, nutrition and all those other goodies that cost a lot.

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Ion43- I can't speak for Oasis of Hope I haven't been there. I have watched some of their videos and read their books. The place looks interesting would maybe like to check it out on day. I can speak for the CTCA I went to the one in Seattle and had a great experience their. I had a very compassionate and smart Onc. Those "goodies" that you refer didn't cost alot (meaning they don't charge alot for those services or at least they didn't in 2003. My insurance paid for everything except the supplements, which I saved the receipts and wrote off as medical expenses. They paid for my chemo treatments, acupuncture, nutrition consultations with a Naturopathic doctor, counseling sessions. you can contact me directly if you would like to ask any other questions 916-477-0424 or

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I also have had a consultation appt with a doctor from the Oasis of Hope they do alot of treatments that are conventional too : ) IE surgery, rads & chemo.
I hope that info helps you : )

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