Is Honey bad for Lung Cancer Patients?

Some of my friends suggested me to consume honey instead of sugar, then other friends suggested not to, because honey contains harmful spores.
Please share your experience and help me to understand this.

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I know that honey will not rot, so it doesn't contain any bacteria. I have never heard of it have harmful spores. Maybe someone else can enlighten us as I love honey. I use it in my tea when I have a cold and it helps.


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An alternative to refined sugar is raw sugar such as turbinado and stevia. I don't know anything about the honey issue. Take care, JC

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Honey is not recommended for children 12 months and under because it does contain bacterial spores, and can cause Botulism in infants. That's what they say, however, as a kid I can remember women giving their babies nipples with honey on them.

I would think the way they produce honey these days, nothing would be in them but it's a hard call. I do use honey occasionally myself.

Love to all,

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I know cancer feeds off of sugar. I know nothing about honey being harmful in any way.

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I read that honey has a high glycemic index and should be avoided.

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I can't speak to the physical properties of honey, but my mom took several teaspoons after and before each radiation treatment, as we had read that it could help protect her esophagus. She did develop a moderate case of esophagitis, so it's hard to say if the honey was ineffective or if it prevented her from having a severe case. Her oncologists are top-notch, and never discouraged her from using the honey, so I take this as some indication that it is not likely to harm. She used Manuka honey from New Zealand (available in some stores in the US and online also) because it presumably has healing properties.

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