Is AHCC used for small cell lung cancer

AHCC has been mentioned for increasing the immune system. Are doctors recommending the product?

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what does AHCC stand for?

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AHCC is sold under the name of "ImmPower". It is made in Japan, manufactured for American BioSciences and is a blend of mushrooms to strengthen the immune system.

I asked my TCM and he said there were MANY more studies done on PSK or PSP - another mushroom. These are the ones he recommends.

I used to buy them at

I still take them every single day (the PSP) and I also take one ABM mushroom (Agaricus Blazei) at the same time, but I buy the PSP from my doctor now.

As for pro/con for small cell LC, I don't know. I was dx'd with NSCLC. It is always best to try to find a doctor versed in Eastern medicine to consult with. At the very least, do some research...

Hope this little bit helps.

God bless,

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This product is now gaining some momentum in the US. Check out this website:

I found about this product (Active Hexose Correlated Compounds) many years ago from a news program (20/20 I think). I was getting a lot of sinus infections from working in a moldy building and tried it to boost my immune system.

Later, one of my cats was dx with feline leukemia and FIV so I decided to try it on him. He was in bad shape (limping, getting frequent upper respiratory infections, sleeping all the time, and loosing his hair). I didn't expect him to live another 3-6 months but AHCC worked for him and 6 years later he is still around and in good health. I buy ImmPower but you can find it made by other manufacturers.

When my dad got diagnosed with stage IV NSCLC, I asked him to start taking the product. He was hesitant so we asked two doctors - surgeon and oncologist. Both said they knew nothing about it and didn't want to know. The oncologist said she had many patients that took supplements. Neither said not to take it so my dad started taking it about three weeks before chemo. It did help his bloodwork as it brought his platelet count and white blood cell count back to normal before starting chemo. He feels better and is looking better. And his appetite is good. I also have him taking the Dr. Budwig Cottage Cheese/Flaxseed Oil mixture. We are also working on improving nutrition, no special diet but a more well balanced diet. Oh, and we are trying to get rid of the partially/fully hydrogenated oils and sugars out of the diet - fruits and fruit juices are fine.

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