IP6 Inositol Dosage for Prevention some Cancers?

I am a Breast Cancer survivor since 2002 and my Dad passed from Lung/Liver Cancer. I use to smoke & am subjected to 2nd hand smoke all the time. I also have Hep-C and have relapsed 4 times with Chemo/Ribo treatments starting in the late 90's with the last round ending in 2009. I do not have any Sorosis & my liver is in stage 2 of 4. Along with other chronic ailments, (large kidney stones), etc., I am very concerned that I will develop Cancer again. I have heard that IP6 Inositol was an excellant aid in the prevention of some types of Cancers. I wonder if it would be harmful to my Liver condition, although I'm told it's a type of Vit B? All that I have read states there are little to no side affects. Puritan's Pride brand was recommended as being affordable & pure, only I don't have a clue of how much to take on a daily basis? Their IP6 Inositol states two capsules provide (1020 mg.) Any input in this is greatly appreciated & will definitely make me feel better. Thanks so much, QT

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Thanks so much for your reply. I have read this and it sounds very promising for high risk people. It doesn't give any advise on the daily mg dosage though for preventative Cancer aid, and I don't want to take something if I'm not taking enough or too much? I am also living on a tight budget as I'm disabled so that's why I asked about Puritan's Pride because I can afford it. Any advise is appreciated so I can make the right choice. Tks :-)

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I have been researching more on the dosage of IP6 & Inositol for an aid to preventing some Cancers and/or for maintenance. Suggested dosage is two 500 mg pills twice daily on an empty stomach and I also read 2 to 3 pills per day. If anyone has an opinion for me that would be great. Thank you Snowflower for pointing out the article here. It was very helpful.

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IP6's secondary role also rids kidney stones.

4 grams is recommended for cancer patients

2 grams is recommended for maintenance

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Greetings QT,

You have been through a lot haven't you.

Can I suggest finding a well-known holistic doctor (medically trained) to help you with your chronic health conditions.

First and foremost QT, you need to protect your liver and improve its function: I am an avid believer in IP6-Inositol for metastatic risk reduction, but I certainly wouldn't be recommending it as a first-line action in your unique case.

I assume you are on/have been on medication for Hep-C.

There are issues you may wish to raise with your doctor:

1) How are your glutathione levels? Glutathione is invariably critically low in hepatitis patients and yet this nutrient is vital for effective detoxification.

2) Are your iron stores high? Have you been made aware of iron depletion strategies for hepatitis?

3) Are you on a broad spectrum nutritional support system in terms of liver protective nutrients?

Supplements such as selenium and silibinin, lipoic acid/NAC and glutathione should all be part of your daily supplement plan, I would submit.

Risk reduction for metastatic disease is a whole other area and, you are right, a very important area.

But QT, by far the best thing you can do to reduce your risk of cancer recurrence is to have a well-functioning biological system - ie: a healthy you.

That starts with good liver function in your case.

Good luck to you. May be the healing forces be with


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Thank you for the info :-)

I was excited to learn IP6 Inositol can rid me of chronic kidney stones too! Since 1997 when they discovered I have Hep-C liver disease, my body seems to manufacture them. I believe these two chronic issues are connected with each other.

Please tell me if I'm wrong, but is 500 mg equal to 1/2 gram? For maintenance wouldn't I need to take 2000 mg per day to get the 2 gram dosage of IP6 Inositol?

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Thank you for your medical advise. I have some questions & concerns please.

Getting Cancer again is on my mind constantly and because of my Chronic Hep-C, I believe I am at an even Higher Risk of it.

I want to take better care of myself, although, don't believe I can see a Holistic Dr. as you suggested? I don't think Medicare will cover them and don't have the funds? This is overwhelming for me and I don't want to self-treat to the point that I take too much of a good thing which could result in creating more problems. Any good online holistic sites or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

As of now I only take Clonidine for Mitral Valve/PVC, High Blood Pressure which is very mild. I am only allowed to take 2 Tylenol twice daily for pain from my spinal fusions & nerve damage in my back & legs. The liver doctor said pain meds would be too hard on my liver. I'm facing steroid injections in my back & shoulder for pain and hate having any drugs pumped into me. Then there's the chronic kidney infections & stones I manufacture.

Liver Cancer is a huge concern for me. As far as I know I am fortunate that my liver is functioning well considering the Hep-C viral count is high and that I have had it for several years. My liver doctor told me even though I have relapsed from treatment 4 times since 97 the treatments have protected my liver, as I remained negative during the entire 9 to 18 month sessions. I was seriously ill with each round though and am told there are no more treatments available at this time, that 4 relapses is proof it will not work for me. He is not educated in supplements, therefore, is not able to advise me.

* Does selenium and silibinin, lipoic acid/NAC and glutathione come in supplement/pill form and would they possibly be combined at all for economic reasons? Once I knew how much to take daily, I would feel more confident in not taking too much or not enough.

I am in over my head here because of the multiple problems I live with and fear with a weakened immune system some form of Cancer will return.

I have found that the less meds I take the healthier I seem to be. I do take the following supplements:

Multiple for women over 50 (without iron)
Magnesium (500 mg daily)
B-50 Complex daily
Potassium Gluconate (99 mg daily)

I guess what I am looking for is an affordable plan of supplements to take on a daily basis that will not only help my Liver function & help prevent more Kidney Stones but will also aid in the Prevention of developing Cancer again. I do realize a healthy diet & life style are key too and think a Holistic view would really help me.

By adding IP6 Inositol to the supplements I'm already taking, would it mean I should reduce some of the other supplements to not over do it? I don't know?

Also, by getting advice on Holistic measures, I can take better care of myself safely.

Thank you for your patience & advice. Once I get on a daily routine/plan I will feel more confident & at ease.
Thank you, QT

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yes QT, 500mg = 1/2 gram

I have my mom on the Cell Forte Brand iP6/inositol. i had her taking 8 a day split up in 4-pair doses. this barley equaled to 3200mg (3.2 grams). Because of the fact that IP6 works best on an empty stomach, this added burden for us trying to manage a schedule for her to take these pills in between meals.

So last week, i bought the powder-form IP6 mix. What a relief this was to her. 1 scoop already had 3.2 grams of IP6. And now, i have her taking this just twice a day (6.4 grams total) She loves the fact that it tastes good as well.



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Thanks for this great info! I'm going to purchase the pills since it's a maintenance 2 gram dosage I need and I can take two in the morning on an empty stomach, then two when I go to sleep. I clicked on the details of the bottle and it doesn't say whether they are 500 mg tablets? I'm assuming they are because some of the other brands have it on the front label. I guess I should continue to take the other vitamins & supplements along with it to give me a boost.

I hope your Mother is doing well :-)

It also sounds like I need to learn about selenium and silibinin, lipoic acid/NAC and glutathione and what dosage or do they come in a multiple tablet/powder?

Hopefully someone on here will know of a well trained Holistic Dr. online? If anyone can send me in the right direction I would be very grateful. Thanks

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I really think you need to talk to a knowledgeable doctor before jumping headlong in to IP6-Inositol, which is extremely active in relation to liver function.

And with finance being such an issue, it is not going to help your bank balance as it is very expensive when purchased in its highly-effective form.

We have discussed Ip6-Inositol a lot on here because of its potential to stimulate Natural Killer Cell Activity and, hence, provide support in risk reduction for metastatic disease.

Unfortunately, as with all of these things, there are now completely unrealistic expectations.

You need a complete health management system, not a silver bullet. I hope you can find a doctor willing to treat you while also considering your financial situation.

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Thanks again for your response & concerns. I do plan on taking information about IP6 Inositol & the other supplements you mentioned that help Liver Function to my Liver doctor at the end of May. I have promised him I will never do anything without letting him know, mostly because of the fear that I will do myself more harm than good. I don't take anything stronger than a Tylenol for pain per his advice and that's not easy. The other supplements I already take affect my liver too and they seem to help or at least do no harm. I take the B50, Magensium & Potassium because combined they aid in the prevention of kidney stones & keep the existing stones from building up. If I can achieve a well balanced regimen of Liver funtioning enhancement supplements, I will be a happy camper.

What I am understanding from you is that the IP6-Inositol that I have been speaking of is not what I need. Can you please tell me where I can read about the expensive version of IP6 Inositol you are talking about so I can give this to my doctor and/or see if I can afford it after all?

At my age & considering how many years I have lived with chronic health conditions, I know first hand there are no Silver Bullets. What I do know is with my desire to educate myself by asking questions and listening to what others have done, it has been extremely helpful over the years. If I relied on one doctor to guide me, I do not believe I would be here today.

Even if it's not a Silver Bullet, I'm thinking IP6 Inositol & other Liver enhancement supplements will help with other issues too as in Kidney Stones. Like you said a Healthy Liver is a Healthy Me and I agree.

My Liver Doctor is not a Holistic Dr. but will listen & read my literature I provide him. Please help me learn in time for my next visit with him.
Thank you

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Hi QT-

You asked about online Naturopaths? I really like The Health Ranger and Dr. Mercola. There are pretty hard core but in my own personal experiences if I follow what they say it is not expensive and works. It's actually a cheaper way to live because it's less.

I sent you a message with some other tips.

Your story touched me because it's so hard to do what's recommended when we have financial challenges. It's not a matter of "getting rid of the second car" when you don't even have one!!

But there are things we can do and we can learn from one another.

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