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aside from exercise, what are your suggestions for getting the immune system back to peak performance? there is such a vast array of supplements so i'm hopeful to get practical advice on those too. thanks in advance! you guys ROCK!!!

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I found a lot of good information about nutrition and diet by reading the book by Richard Béliveau, Denis Gingras "Les aliments contre le cancer" (the original version), also a book by David Servan-Schreiber "Anti cancer, a new way of life".
Let's keep fighting!

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Vitamin C, D, sunlight and many many outdoor

All the best for You
Kim from Germany

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Low Dose Naltrexone

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I have been having good results with a multiple vit daily and added vit d, b blend, calcium, and two vit c. I also take omega threes. I have been working on eating more fruits and veggies. When ever possible, I purchase extra berries and freeze them whole. These I will add to whole grain cereals. I have neary reduced my intake of milk for a reason that it doesn't agree with me since chemo.

Even with these changes and additions I find I am fighting to stay healthy and strong. It seems the cancer took a toal on my energy. And I always seem to be working on getting through a cold or an infection. I love to eat cranberries crushed whole with a small amount of sugar. And recently am try to add fermented foods to my diet. I still eat a yogurt every day.

Keep working on being healthy.
Julie JB

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No pain meds with low dose naltrexone though..(LDN)
xoxoxo, NDM

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I take a high powered probiotic which works in the intestines to build your immune system. I have found nothing to compare locally as it has over 725 billion cultures. Lady says they have nothing with that many live cultures which is shipped in an ice pak and supposed to be refrigerated. At least I am still after 52 months, not feeling the best in the world but mostly free of colds, just the darn pneumonia has plagued me twice without me even suspecting with the dry cough I have with it. I honestly believe this helps, she (lady at health food store) said it sounds rather high in price but for what you are getting it seems a very good buy. I do not sell it, I have to order it myself, got smart and ordered 2 bottles this time, saved on postage and price. I was just released from hospital Friday with remains of pneumonia, UTI and congestive heart failure, last thing doc said was take a good probiotic. Hope this helps and if you need help friend me or look up holistic or probiotics and get those that have to be kept cold, preserves their strength they say. Arletta

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I eat an alkaline diet and use supplements. It is very important to make sure the supplements you take are safe and effective. Most on the market are junk and some are harmful. I use ones that have peer-reviewed, published studies to back up their claims.
As for the probiotics, the important thing is how much of the bacteria is still alive when you buy it. I use one that does not have to be refrigerated and guarantees the most bacteria delivery to the appropriate place in the digestive system. I use a supplement that enables your body to make interferon that I think is the most important. I also take a multi, Vita C, B complex, garlic, omegas, cal-mag, vita D3, and a proprietary blend of resveratrol and muscadine grapes.
If you want to know the brands, you may pm me.

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Yes, an Alkaline Diet is good as well as a probiotic, D3, natural forms of vitamins, and a good beta-glucan supplement.

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Try eating tomatoes, brocolli, strawberries, and pomagranite juice. They are loaded with antioxidans.

I also take Flaxseed Oil gel caps daily along with liquid Red Panax Ginseng.

God Bless

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Human milk is full of antibodies to help build the immune system. My husband has been drinking 8-20 ounces each day of donor milk since last December. We are very lucky to have had a steady stream ( no pun intended ;)) of lactating mothers donating their pumped milk. He has been remarkably well. He has had one throat infection and a cough with green sputum that cleared up fairly quickly.

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