How long can you survive two lung lobe removals

I was diagnosed with lung cancer in Feb 1995 in Russia in the right lung. Had it removed University of Pennsylvania. Given 1-5 years to live. Started smoking again in 2001 and diagnosed lung cancer in the Philippines in November 2002. Had lobe from left lung removed and thought I would die several times. Given little chance by doctors beyond one year. Nevertheless, seemed to have adjusted but gained 50% body weight and almost died again but lost back the weight and feel good now. I suppose no way to give life expectancy on this.

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Well now you know that the doctors don't carry expiration dates for their patients! You are still here despite what you have been told and that is great.

Though no one can tell you what your "expectancy" should be, I just wonder if you had surgery only or did you receive chemo as well? Also you didn't mention a stage, do you know if you had any lymph nodes involved? What about the histology of your tumor?

You might have been cured, only to experience a second cancer as we are all at an increased risk for developing a second cancer.

Glad you're still here, and yes, people survive with an entire lung removed, so a lobe from each lung shouldn't be tough, but doable.

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Thanks Texat. That is encouraging just hearing from someone. I know it is impossible to predict and since my predicted demise I have had two small children and now am starting a new life with someone at almost 70. I really do not care too much about my life expectancy but for the same of the younger person I am with who is depending on me. No I never had chemo. They caught my cancer very early both times and the two lobes were taken out. For the last 4 months I have been going through vigorous exercise and diet and feel the best I have felt in 15 years. I seemed to have great stamina and my last lung x-ray (June 11) was ok. However, I have moved to the City of Cebu from my suburban home and the pollution here is almost like smoking 10 cigarettes a day so the recurrence of lung cancer does concern me. If I should contact cancer again I suppose I will have to use chemo since I only have 3 of my 5 lung lobes.

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Hello - you are so inspiring! I see no reason that you won't be here for a very long time and I am so impressed by your exercise and diet routine! According to the statistics you are just like anyone else now as far as your risk for cancer? You have passed the magical five year mark TWICE!!!! So while it's good that you are getting checked every year - I say live your life, enjoy your new family and forget about cancer! You beat it twice. I am very happy for you.

I have a friend who had her left lobe removed about twenty years ago, the other left lobe removed about nineteen years ago after a recurrence and she has been cancer free ever since and living a good life.


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Im pretty certain about 80% of us here only have 3 lobes left lol.And we are all still here!! Good luck and God bless!!-Kandy

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Can't believe they told you 1 to 5 but.......... Doctor's are just that DOCTOR'S they don't know how long ANY of us HAS! OY!!!!!!!!!

Having said that, I know a man who had his left lung (ENTIRE) left lung removed at the age of 68. At age 74 he his cancer came back in his upper right lobe of his lung. They removed the upper right lobe. At the age of 87 he died of a heart attack and was cancer free.

I have one of my In Person Lung Cancer Support Group members who's doctor told her 9+ years ago, she had 6 months to live. She fired his ass and found a doctor that wanted to work WITH HER and not AGAINST her. She had Ex-small cell LC. She's STILL cancer free to this day!

I'm a 13 year Stage IIIB LC survivor, and NEVER ONCE did ANY Of my doc's tell me how long I had to live, they ALL were very supportive and my doc's and I became a team and we worked hard to keep me here, and by the Grace of God, here I am.

Good Luck To You.

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i would suggest stop smoking!

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I have not smoked since October 2002 but the city is so polluted it is similar to smoking.

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Well, the doctors meant well and I confirmed the odd things from internet research at the time. But you are right no one can predict. Your example is very encouraging and thanks a lot.

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Well i suppose at the time that odds like that were published on the internet where I found them. However, you are right. No one can predict with great accuracy but your response and the response of SB is very very encouraging to me in the examples you provided. Thanks many times.

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Sharon thank you so much for the example of someone beating it. You made my day. You know I always go to google to answer questions but examples like this I have never found in google. This whole site is wonderful in that you hear stories of people similar to yourself and what they know. Thanks again Sharon.

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Hello - it was very helpful to me when I was diagnosed to have this friend that survived so long. There are lots of stories of long-term survivors on this site, particularly those who were fortunate enough to be caught early and have surgery. The friend I refer to had a very large tumor -she describes it as a tennis ball - that collapsed her lung - that's how she found out that she had it.

Have you read the letter written by the founder of H&R Block? (the tax people) - he was a long-term survivor. And there is a guy with only one lung who has climbed practically every difficult mountain in the world - google lung cancer and mountain climber and I think you will find him. I found those two inspiring.

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Here is a website - it's a little old but it tells you about the mountain climber with one lung who defeated two kinds of cancer. His name is Sean Swarner.'sharing_miracles'_television _program_to_feature_mountain_climber_and_cancer_survivor_sean_swarner/

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I also had two lobes removed - the lower left lobe in April 2007 and the upper right lobe in September 2007. Both were primary cancers. I underwent adjuvant chemo in December and January and have since been cancer free. The follow-up CT scans have shown no recurrance.

I did start to gain weight after chemo. Is this typical??? I am heavier now than I have ever been in my life (even when I was 9 months pregnant!!). I know that weight gain is better than weight loss but it does affect my stamina and breathing.


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Dear PattyLynn, I do not know about you but for me a good diet and exercise has meant more to my well being than the cancer news. Gaining too much weight is never good since it increases your chances of diabetes, stroke, hear attack, etc. I honestly believe that my exercise (1 hour plus a day plus 30 minutes walking) along with a healthy diet of fruit and vegetables has worked wonders on my entire life. I feel great in the mornings and cannot wait to start the day. I have lost almost 70 pounds from 260 at 5'11 to 190. I need to lose another 25 pounds which I will. Try it Patty and see how much more stamina and zest you have.

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Again SB you have really been a source of comfort and motivation. Your correspondence is so appreciated. If you ever come to the Philippines to visit you will be warmly welcomed and escorted. My fiance Jennel who is in medical school says your encouragement has meant more to me than the medicines I take. People like you makes one realize what goodness and hope there is in your fellow man. Bob and Jennel

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Oh my gosh what an awfully nice post! Thank you!

Here is the site for the Bloch letter I wrote of:

He was diagnosed in 1978 with lung cancer and lived until 2004 when he died of heart failure.

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Hi RS, I just have a minute but I'm still here 9 yrs after being diagnosed as 3A nsclc. I haven't lost the wieght but ma trying now. Keep up the work on that and you might have even spurred me on to start exercising again. Thanks for that. Be well.- JOhn

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Thanks John your story inspires me and believe me you will feel great if you exercise. Just try to get over the first week pain.

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..rsmeans.. wanna live in Cebu ????..

..are you mad or what ???? or island, suffer man, suffer, s'all spotty bellies and webbed feet there..and in Cebu City the pollution makes me choke..

..i'm 1500 ft up on southern Mindanao, the land of Promise..smug grin...

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