HOw can you tell if you have brain mets

Mom went to Neurologist yesterday because we think her NPH HYdroephalues if progressing or is it cancer in the brain now? Her March 2010 brain MRI shower NPH and some strokes and age appropriate dementia.... getting another brain MRI ..would the a nuerolgsurgeon be able to tell if the cancer has spread to the brain? Oncologist only does CT ab scans and not brain...? Confused, falls forward, not steady - all symptoms of NPH - but could it be brain cancer? Her last scan showed lung tumors decreased and no spread...? She is getting a spinal tap for the NPH and a brain MRI so we know what's going on...she says she feels so different and very sad and emotionless and depressed but can't stap out of it.. THey upped her wellburtrin?

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My husband was having trouble seeing and was blaming his contact lenses but his Dr ordered an MRI and sure enough it was brain mets. He also had balance trouble once it was found. I would let the Dr know and see if he would order an MRI-could be fine but better to catch early. Good luck!

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Its so hard to see your mom suffering. How does your mom act with the dementia? It was so confusing to me to see and hear my mom act with such anger.

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Can a MRI show NPH? I always suspected my mother had it but it was never diagnosed because we didn't want to put her through a spinal tap. It would be important to my medical hx since I also worry about brain mets. Thanks for any info you may have.

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yes and a CT....we are set to go with more brain MRI's and lumbar puncture and testing and today we get a call that neurologist wants to wait 4 months...she has a two month break from chemo and oncologist says now is the time!

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Wow! Why did the neurologist say he wants to wait? Can the oncologist talk with him? The lumbar puncture is invasive but why not do the scans? I would want to have a diagnosis. I will keep your mom (and you) in my prayers.

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