Hemp oil recipe by Rick Simpson


I heard from a friend that Hemp Oil made as based on Rick Simpson's

recipe may provide a promising alternative to treating tumors.

One of its presentations called Run from the Cure (Medical Marijuana)

is at:


I wonder whether anyone has tried using his recipe-based hemp oil for

treatment with meaningful results.

Would be grateful for sharing your experiences as I ponder purchasing

it in Europe for my Mom cause this recipe-specific hemp oil is not

legally available in Canada.

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My mom is on the oil since August. She ha had no chemo or radiation. Last scan in November showed some shrinkage, she goes tomorrow for the results of her latest scan. She's been having a stiff back lately, so I hope that it's nothing to worry about. Other then that she's doing quite well.
I believe you can order the oil from budmail.biz in Canada.
You can also get a medical marijuana licence from your doctor and produce your own.

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Living in New York State (Not the City) I don't know how I would get authentic hemp oil...I know the seeds are sold in grocery super markets but NOT with the THC.

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Not in western new york; and it would be a serious felony to have it shipped from Canada....IF it got thru I am setting myself up to loose my passport.

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Can you get a licence from your doctor? You could find a dispensary close by and get it that way?

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Put cannabis oil in the search box, plenty of posts about it. Rick Simpson is now in Europe because he was thrown in jail several times in Canada for selling this oil. Don't believe everything you read.
Take care, Judy

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there is not a license in New York...we are an extremely strict state for alot of things..

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Judy, when it comes to guns and drugs New York State is unbelievably strict. No legal place here at all. I do know that for sure.

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Judy, I will be in Saratoga February, is NOT far from Burlington. Is it sold legally there. Perhaps you can friend me if that is a possibility and I will send my phone number. but I will need a Vermont doc.

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I'm pretty sure they have medicinal marijuana here, but it's not something I've ever checked into so I have no idea how it all works. Smoking it is not the same as this oil concoction and can be dangerous.
Good luck & take care, Judy

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Judy, actually I am not sold on the idea of medical marijuna..I think it should be totally legal..because if do not like young kids getting busted and not being able to get student loans because of a little weed. But I lived many years in west Jamaica (growing section) and oughthere are many many older Rastas with lung cancer and not being cured; so I am not sold. Fortunately although tumors have spread; I do not yet have any symptoms. So guess I will pass on this. In west Jamaica, the lung cancer people say it is from the "draw" meaning the weed. All the best patty

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Why not listen to Rick Simpson himself and see what he has to say about hemp oil and what happened in Canada. Not enough to say "he went to jail" and that proves hemp oil is a scam. I have no idea in either direction. But you might as well have said years ago that anti-apartheid leaders in South Africa were put in jail, therefore you have to question the validity of their opposition to aparteid!!!!


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Thanks to Shan66 for advice on budmail.biz as an online hemp oil vendor, however I could not find it on their website, only Quinoa & Hemp Seed Cookies.

Anyways, I agree that we need to listen to what Rick Simpson himself says about it, so he can be watched at

Another friend of mine actually showed me a bottle with dark-color hemp oil he bought in Czech Republic so it is also feasible to get it out there.

Still, my question is whether anyone at Inspire has tried hemp oil with some considerable impact on a cancer condition. Thanks again.

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I am interested in purchasing hemp oil. I looked up budmail.biz. Coula anyone tell me which oil I should order. I g costs around 60 euros. I find this quite expensive.


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I too would like to know about the efficacy of hemp oil and whether anyone here has tried it. Rick Simpson advises to make it yourself to be sure that it, (the THC), is of sufficient quality.

I would not know where to begin to look for and acquire the quality Cannabis buds to process the material myself. There is, of course, the risk of getting thrown in a "cage" for possession in the U.S., with or without a medical prescription/license. The U.S. has, by far, the largest incarceration rate in the World; a significant percentage of inmates are there on drug charges.
The FDA, Big Pharma and mainstream medicine in the U.S. don't tolerate competition or jeopardizing their cash cow, (surgery, chemo, & radiation), over genuine cancer cures.

If the actual hemp oil is available for purchase and use for cancer without persecution in the Czech Republic or anywhere else in the world, I would certainly like to know!!

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There are anti-nausea and anxiety reducing properties that medical marijuana is used for (the THC that gets you high) - and as the below document released by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) states, ingesting Cannabis ( isolating CBD that doesn't get you high) may have tumor killing properties.
It only stands to reason that Rick Simpson would get arrested, along w/ anyone else that may threaten Big Pharma. I know we must be ever vigilant about snake-oil salesmen, but we need to be just as skeptical about the Cancer Industry.
I cannot attest to cannabis use either way, but Cancer patients have a right to explore any avenue that may be beneficial. I posted the following on my Lung Cancer Survivors Foundation FB page today-be sure to read both links.

Reefer Madness or Tumor Killer???
The Cannabis Plant is alleged to have over 200 uses.When smoked, it's the component THC that gets you high, so many people envision that using it for cancer means ONLY getting high. (as first article alludes to)...BUT...According to the next link to NCI there is a tumor killing component -CBD that can be ingested and does NOT get you high.This is the news that needs to be told.
Once again, it seems Media is only carrying a "partial message" and creating a "Stoner Stigma" on a product that has potential for numerous and varied uses.

http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/01/07/legalizing-of-marijuana-raises-hea lth-concerns/?smid=fb-share
http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/pdq/cam/cannabis/healthprofessional/page 4

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Key word is "may." They have been tested in the lab and on animals and now they will be testing on humans. My big beef is saying it's a cancer killer when you have no clinical proof and Rick Simpson isn't a doctor or researcher. Yes it's good for appetite, nausea and insomnia but to me until it's proven-it's not a cancer killer! Each to their own!
Take care, Judy

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I agree Judy-To each his own.
Meanwhile, as long as research on this is stone-walled by our Cancer Industrial Complex...It remains a Catch-22 in establishing clinical proof.
Keep up the good fight! :)

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Just said there is a new clinical trial starting soon here in the US. It was in a previous post.
Take care, Judy

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