hemp oil for a cancer cure??

I was diagnosed with stage iv lung cancer about 4 months ago I have had gama radiation and 3 rounds of chemo. It is killing me. I seriously am thinking of stopping the chemo and begin using hemp oil as an alternative for the cancer. I have been reading many stories that the oil is a cure for cancer and it takes 8 or so months to get healthy again. I am looking for anyone who has started taking this oil that can tell me what their feelings are about it, or any success stories or any stories good/bad. I have so many side effects from the chemo that it feels like the so called cure is worse then the diagnoses itself. My cancer is non curable all I can do right now is keep it at bay and try to live my life day to day as well as I can. I do not want to live my life feeling like this every day as I am sure their are others out there that feel as I do. Any information would be so appreciated

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I'm following your answers, just in case conventional medicine doesn't work for me.
I would think if this oil worked there would be cancer clinics using it since so many states have legalized medical use.
I wouldn't get my hopes up for a cure with it but if you live in a state that has it legal it might help with your side affects.

Good luck to you and hoping you feel better soon,

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What type of cancer do you have and what chemo are you on? Chemo is definitely no picnic, but it's doable. I have heard nothing of hemp oil curing cancer. It might help with side effects of treatment, just like marijuanna, but I doubt very much it would be a cure.
Take care, Judy

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There is a thread about cannabis oil that you might want to check out.
Blessings- Cindi

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Eventually your chemo treatments will end and you hopefully will be N.E.D.,(No Evidence of Disease) or in remission and can begin to heal. As for hemp oil, i have tried it and didn't like the way it made me feel, tired and mild hullucinations. The Rick Simpson web site says it cures terminal cancer yet you can find mostly just testamonials not scientific research. You have to start out with a grain of rice size of the oil a day and work up to 1 gram a day. About the size of a nickle. Thats alot and can't imagine how someone would feel on that large amount. One gram a day for 90 days , they say for a cure, but if on chemo 1 gram a day for 180 days to reverse the effects. It also has an effect on your treatments if ingested at same time. Unless you are in a legal or medicinal legal state and have a license, it cost $2,000 for a 60 day supply. Better off to just vaporize medicinal marijuana, not the oil or consume in edible form foods. This has been proven in scientific research to stop nausea, constipation, depression, increase appetite, shrink and eradicate tumors and does not effect your chemo treatments. Look up "National Cancer institute's Research on Marijuana" and the "Benefits of Vaporizing Marijuana". Hop this gives you some insight on the subject. Good Luck!

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Since marijuana is a plant that cannot be patented, what drug company is going to put out $'s for studies, this is why the plants medical benefits have not been explored. Watch "run from the cure" you have to make your own decision. My BFF has the same diagnosis, and is taking the oil, she's too weak to start chemo, she is sleeping, eating, I want this journey peaceful for her, what good is another month of life, if it's wracked with sickness from chemo? Praying for you!

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Here is my story...Just had another CT scan in March and it was clear.

Here is a copy of O'Shaughnessy's with my story about cancer in it.


It is the top of the page. Enjoy.....it is the article about Cannabis Healing my Cancer.

See my video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AZU-brG7i4

I am so blessed to be cancer free.

Hope this helps.

Love, peace and health,

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I just finished my 8th round of chemo, over a period of almost 4 years. After my 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th lines I seriously considered stopping chemo.

I was diagnosed with Stage 3A inoperable and within the first year it spread into both lungs and chest cavity. Scans after each round, mostly 6 infusions, 3 weeks apart, were not very optimistic (reason for wanting to stop chemo)

I kept plugging away and my 8th line of chemo from Nov. 2012- March 2013 I had almost 80% shrinkage! If I would have stopped this would not have happened.

I have not taken hemp oil, however I do use different essential oils and I am positive that the frankinscense that I use every night, 2 drops right onto skin over lung area, has made a big difference. That, along with chemo, attitude, faith and a great support group is what I believe has kept me alive this long.

I also know I will never be cured and wonder when it's time to say "no more chemo". I was actually thinking about it today, do i really want to put more toxins into my system that cause more side effects down the road? I don't have an answer yet. My oncologist told me that when enough is enough I will know, I'm not sure yet.

As of now I am on a break until June so I have time to decide.

I will read more on hemp oil. I do eat hemp seeds occasionally and also flax.

Having a terminal disease is frightening and to be frank really sucks some days. Will be 4 years for me in July. I pray for the day that maybe we can both hear NED!

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Thanks for the input I appreciate everyone's response, just wanted anyone who is interested..... I have found someone to help me with the hemp/cannabis oil. Finally got my hands on some and will start taking it tonight. I have been told I must take it though out the day and build up my dose as time goes on. I am not a good drug taker so I am not sure how I will handle the cannabis. I haven't decided if I will also keep up with my chemo, I have to see what feels right. I read that I can do both at the same time and I figure at the very least the oil may help with chemo side affects. wish me luck!

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where do we get it? thanks

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I hope you are telling your Onc of the change in your treatment. That way the results can be documented and shared with the rest of us. Can't wait to hear what your scans say about it!

Keep us posted, good luck!

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In response to where u get it? To me you need to find someone you can trust I just got really lucky in that area. There are people on line that say they sell it but they want money up front so of course that isn't gonna fly unless u know them.
To WantVictory... I haven't had a scan as of yet to know if the chemo has been helping. I plan on telling my Dr. next week that I want one to see where I stand. Since I am just starting out with this oil, I am afraid if I say something right now he will try to talk me out of it so I am gonna keep quite about it now until I get a scan to find out if the chemo has done any good.

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How are you doing with the hemp treatment?

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Still using the oil take it every night. I am not close to taking a gram a day like I should, the thc in the cannabis really makes me to high to function during the day and although my doses have gotten larger I still can only take a small amount. Sometimes I take a dose at 9:00pm and wake at 3:00am in the morning and I am still feeling very stoned. Anyway I keep plugging along and hopefully my body will adjust at some point had a cat scan done and my tumor went from a 5.1 centimeter to a 1. centimeter my Dr. was pretty amazed and took me off chemo and put me on just Avastin for the last few cycles. I go in for another ct in about 4 weeks. Is the oil part of the equation? I'm not sure like I said I am not taking enough to cure my cancer but I can say it helps me sleep at night and I know it isn't hurting me. and it may be helping with my tumor so I plan on taking larger doses at night, until a can take some during the day but still be able to function.

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Wow! Sounds great! I am actually considering to put a hold on the chemo for a while. I was off chemo for three weeks (hand & foot syndrome) and that's when the oil kicked in. Ran out of medecine and started it as soon as I got my hands on it. Started again, and I have faith that the hemp treatment is all I need, so tired of side effects from chemo :) Any body else who have input about this is welcomed.

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Hi Malia100....
Go to a vitamin store and buy citicoline... It will bring you down so you can tolerate more. I took 1/2 gram at noon and the other 1/2 at bedtime. Good luck. It healed my 3a lung cancer in 3 1/2 months. See story at beyondthc.com.

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The hemp oil is a blessing---There are strains of canniabus tha have more or close to the thc dosage of thc They are called CBDs---Look up Dr. William Courtney an MD in Calif where the medical use is legal. He is a Cannibus consultant and researcher and is the most knowledgable MD in the world on medical use of this plant. He is in Caspar Calif and is listed in the phone directory----A man who truly cares for healing of many diseases with this medicine. There are marijuana researchers all over the world===Keep it simple and keep going and GOD bless.---Hamsa PS there is a medicine called Dicloro acetate that cancer specialists at the University of Alberta Medical Center found itshrinks tumors to nothing. The side effects are minimal and can easily be reversed..---It is nonpatentable and the cost one hundred two two hundred basically nothing It is availabe easily on the internet without persription. The definitve web site is www.the dca site.com---It is in powder form and is self administered...I had friend whoes nsc lung cancer after taking Chemo and radiation with no results the tumour the size of a quater took for one month with dca and the tumour shrunk to almost nothing----- Hard to
believe, but true---Each person is different but with faith and effort there are possiblities..You can also google DCA.---love H

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Having had a close relative choose this oil as a possible cancer "cure" and use it for close to 12 months, it was very disheartening to hear and see the results of a followup pet scan (12 months down the track). It had not only failed to cure her cancer, it had provided 12 months for her cancer to spread (spine mets, neck etc etc.) Now on a program of conventional medicine, I am afraid it might all be too late. The internet stories that you read about the successes due to this oil may be just that - stories - but as many have researched, the documented evidence is just not there. On a positive note - it may help with symptoms such as appetite, mood and sleep but having had someone go down this path, I am embarrassed that they believed all of the claims made. I am not going through this, you are but if it were me I would not put all my eggs in that basket. Very best of luck with your chosen treatment.

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Check out the Berkeley University in California website, they have some information about that type of treatment.

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Putting ALL the eggs in this basket is just insane, unless you've decided to forego treatment. I know conspiracy theorists hate to hear it, but if there were any credible evidence of its working as a cure, we'd all be on it, to the probable exclusion of what we are on.

No, the drug companies would not be able to prevent this, and yes, not only would our doctors recommend it, but they'd be leading the army in trying to make it legal.

Along with something else (or if you've decided to go permanently off all conventional treatment, come what may), why not, if you find it tolerable?

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