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Hello all new to Inspire here

I had a new CT on 31st which showed that all the lung lesions( mets from osteosarcoma) had grown bigger, one of which has grown to size of 9cm. Now they cannot do any radiotherapy on that lesion. My Oncologist told me that there is nothing he can do at the moment. He has tried all the chemo drugs available and there is no other drug available at his disposal that would benefit me.

He told me if I wanted to travel or anything I should do now cause the lesion would only get bigger and my shortness of breath might get worse.

I am looking forward to any suggestions from members here.
Anyone who've had similar situation or gone thru something similar!

primary diagnosis: osteosarcoma with lung mets
Drugs used : cisplatin, adriamycin, methotrexate, ifosfamide, etoposide
Radiation: stereotactic body radiation therapy

Please help!

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Have you got a second opinion?

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I know nothing about osteosarcoma and it's totally different than LC, even though you have mets to the lung. You'd need to find a doctor that specializes in this type of cancer. Wishing you the best.
Take care, Judy

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I haven't had second opinion yet. My primary oncologist only got back to me on fri the 1st after speaking with the radiation onco.

I'm getting treatment at Sydney Cancer Centre in Australia which is where all the Sarcoma cases are directed to from all over the country. I do not know what the doctor would say in regards to second opinion.

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You can try posting at and see if the onc there might be able to answer any questions you may have. Not sure if they deal with this type of cancer, but they'll let you know if they do or not.
Take care,Judy

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There is a website called:

I have read some good articles from them on general subjects. Given the name, I'd head there and see what you can find on lung mets, and see if they have any contact info.

Wish you the best of luck.

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hey thanks a lot slimsnake.

i've been thru this site before but i will have to get in much detail now! I'm still overwhelmed with what docs told me the other day and just don't know where to look!


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Look up Wayne parrott. He is battling cancer, and has numerous good contacts through NSW/qld.

Best of luck!

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If it is obstructing the airway get it cyro.. and freeze that bastard out... You will feel better apon waking from the day proceedure... Quik easy fix..

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While looking for other treatment options, I would completely change my diet. Get rid of all "white" food, and animal products. Straight raw food diet and no chemicals. Push the cancer fighters broccoli, kale, berries. Good luck!

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