Having a cold and being around chemo patients?

I'm just wondering how to deal with getting the occasional cold and trying to be there for my mom. Right now I have a cold and I was supposed to take my mom to meet her new doctor but decided to have my dad do it instead to try and make sure she doesn't get sick. The thing though is that not only do I want to be there for my mom, but me and her work together, our desks are right next to eachother. So my question is how do I make sure that I don't get her sick but also not have to stay home from work? Can a cold be really dangerous when going through chemo? I'm sure a lot of you caregivers had to deal with getting sick at one point, how did you make sure you didn't spread what you had to your loved ones?

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A cold can turn into pneumonia easier for a chemo patient than others. You or your mother could wear a mask. That's all I know what to do other than stay away from each other. Take care, Judy

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Im having this same issue,
I have a cold, and I am the one that checks in on my mom daily (when my dad is working), and I take her to all her doctors, Ive decided to stay away from her fo a few days, just to be safe, but it kills me, I want to be there whenever and wherever!


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I second Judy's suggestion of wearing a mask, one or both of you. And try not to touch each other. Keep a little distance between you. And wash hands frequently.

Good luck,

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Cleaning door knobs and shared work surfaces daily too will help.Wash hands,write on a post it note" hug" and stick it on her,AndiB

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I agree with everyone here and the mask is a good idea.Also I would get the clorox wipes and keep things at work wiped off and the hand washing is a must.
God bless and hope you get well real soon.

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A mask and handwashing.

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Dear Nicia,

Remember to cough or sneeze into your shoulder, not your hands. And wash your hands well (at least one minute) and often! Hope you both are feeling better soon.

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The replies are right. Been there, didn't protect my husband from colds and infections, had to deal with his fight for his life in the ICU with pneumonia/ pneumonitis. We know better now.

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Thank you all for your advice! I'm going to get a mask and definitely try to keep my distance.
Mainchancer - I'm very sorry you had to deal with that with your husband. I hope he is feeling better now.

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