Has anyone had appositive pregnancy test because of cancer

I know my cancer was very rare, and as much as I had hoped that these noduales are not cancer, I might have to think they r. I am waiting for biopsy. Pet says no cancer anywhere but lungs. Today I did test positive to a pregnancy test, which can happen with choriocarcinoma, and testicular and breast, and ovarian, but have not heard anything about lung cancer causing this. I know I should not b speculating, but I can't help it. Anyway anyone else have this happen?

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Hi Monica, I've never heard about that....Is it because of increased hormone levels? I hope they get to the bottom of this soon for you! ♥ Viktory

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Never heard of it. LC is proving to be more hormonally drive and that we have have talked about but show positive for pregnancy? I wonder also if it is not so that many don't get tested, they have been kicked through menopause due to chemo and after a year or two (?) they don't test prior to procedures. Maybe there is a lot of "unknown" pos pregnancy tests due to that?

I can't help it but, hey, what have you been up to?

Wishing you all the best


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Yes, it's actually a tumor marker for cancer, testicular, choriocarcinoma, some breast, and some ovarian. Since I don't have testicals I know it's not that lol, my ovaries r ok, and breast ok, just lungs have noduales, and lit up on pet scan. So, hopefully I will get results of biopsy soon. Usually they test all females urine for pregnancy, before any procedure at hospital......just usually doesn't come back positive for most people without a uterus. Lol when the cancer was removed from my lung the path report said choriocarcinoma......but on biopsy report said EGFR positive, but that same biopsy said adenocarcinoma, which when cancer was taken out proved to be untrue. .?? We shall see.
Hope I hear soon. :)

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You truely are a special case. I was wondering if we could have a baby show for you. I must love babies...way more than cancer. In fact, I want to offer my service to baby sit with the little bugger when t arrives. Lol.

In studing your cancer I see it is hormone driven, and I suppose that could trick the pregnancy test. Wouldn't have been more fun if you had been out on the town with a handsome hunk who left you with a sweet little package. I guess I will not get the knitting needles out after all.

I am curious though why this cancer is so sneaky it seems to be sort of a camilian. Changing characteristics. Is there a thought on how to fight this??? Hugs to you. Ou are a supper woman, with a great spirit. Keep pushing those docs. Get lots of answers.
Lots of love and prayers,

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Hormones are capable of causing some strange stuff. I hope you get some answers soon. This has certainly peaked my curiosity.

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Thanks :) u should of seen my husbands face lol lol lol I wish it were a sweet little bundle of love, rather than the nasty cancer beast lol. Keep on praying :) we will get there :)

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Yes, the same thing happend to me. You should have seen my husband's face. He was high fiving the nurses. I was 54 at the time. It was due to the hormones. I had adopted my son because I could not get pregnant. I kept the test stick because I had never seen one before.
Strange things happen!

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