Has anyone ever explored The Budwig center in Malaga Spain for a cure???

My mom just got diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer but waiting on PET scan scan next week as if it didnt spread to lymph node in stomach , she maybe a stage 3B.
shes 62 and very healthy, this came out of nowhere !

Dr Jenkins offers these therapies at any stage:

Hyperthermia, (localized and whole body) ECT (Electro Cancer Therapy which sends a selected electrical current right into tumors causing their early death and then natural expulsion from the body), Photo Dynamic Interstitial therapy (Photo sensitive Spirulina is infused into the blood stream and then a special full prism laser light is applied over the entire body and cancer cells wherever they are will be disrupted, resulting in an early death with no side effects) Immune enhancement Infusions, Body Cleansing, Herbal Parasite Cleansing, Saunas, Massages, Reflexology, E-POWER sessions raises the energy in the cells. We were born with an energy level of 70 to 100 millivolts per cell but often people with cancer have only 30 or even 15 millivolts per cell. The E-Power device can be purchased separately as well for continued home use.

anyone gone this road for treatment ?

thank you

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The obvious questions.

1. Any published clinical data showing the effectiveness or do we have one of these "our program provides astounding results which we report internally. "

2. How much does this cost. Can we assume no insurance covers this because it is experimental.

3. Why don't U.S. hospital use this if it is so good.

Check out general cautionary information on quackwatch.

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