Ground Glass Opacities

CXR showed I had pnuemonia on Jan 3, 2013. 0n Jan 13 CXR showed resolved pnuemonia.Admitted to hospital Jan 19 for SOB and stayed for 7 days, heavy doses of solumederol.
CT of Chest very abnormal. Here are results: Multtiple areas of lung abn are seen. This consists mainly of hazy opacity. Hazy opacity involves the anterior portion of the left lung at the lung apex and and this expands to involve more of the posterior area inferiorly. there is involvement with patchy hazy density within the lingula as well as LLL segmental regions. Some patchy haziness is seen subpleural near the lung base posteriorly.
on the right, there are some small nodular densities within the RUL, mainly anteriorly and there is some assiciated vague haziness as well. there are patchy zones of hazy ground glass opacification within the RML. The RLL is clear. There is an area of confluent density within RML subpleural, 7mm, AP. This probably represents an area of patchy inflammatory changes as would be expected for most of these findings, the possiblity that this represents a nodule could not entirely be excluded. Follow up recommended.
The findings on this exam are not specific. GGO is often seen with inflammatory processes and would be a prime consideration. At times, interstitial disease can present early as GGO on CT scan. It would be quite unusual for interstital disease to be so asymmetric and nonuniform.

i have been an on and off smoker for 30 years, 1/2 pack day. I am honored to say I Have not had a smoke since Jan 3 and WILL NEVER AGAIN. I pray everyday that this is my wake up call and everything will be fine but I am very scared. Goind for Pulmonary function testa today.

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Keep a sharp watch on the ground glass opacity. I had a prior lobectomy and the 6th year CT showed a ground glass patch. The following year it had progressed to cancer resulting in another operation. Go back for another CT no more than 6-months from the discovery to be safe. (My entire right lung was removed after the second cancer and I am fine now, 3 1/2 years later with no chemo or radiation of any kind.)

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These findings can still be associated with the pneumonia. You could also have COPD. Seeing the pulmonary doctor is the next step for you to find out what's going on. Good luck. Take care, Judy

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thank you for your input. i actually have a ct scheduled for early march just to see if it looks better since treatment. FINGERS CROSSED!!! Glad all is well with you. I will keep ya all updated. i go friday for my results of the PFT.

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