Gerson therapy?

Has anyone tried it? What were the results? Opinions please.... good or bad....


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The American Cancer Society publishes a large book titled The Complete Guide to Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies. They speak rather warmly about some alternative therapies such as Tumeric, which I've incorporated into my daily routine.

Of the Gerson therapy, ACS says this:
"Availabe scientific evidence does not support claims that Gerson therapy is effective in treating cancer, and the principles behind it are not widely accepted by the medical community. It is not approved for use in the United States. Gerson therapy can be dangerous. Coffee enemas have been associated with serious infections, dehydration, constipation, colitis, electorlyte imbalances, and even death."
p. 616

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Basically, it's another rip-off. Not only is there not a shred of scientific proof that coffee enemas can cure anything at all, much less cancer. There is evidence that coffee enemas are dangerous.

Please don't get suckered by these people. They getting rich selling "bottles of doctor good" while their victims (not patients) die.

There are a number of helpful dietary things which you might consider using along with traditional medicine and prayer -- always with prayer. But don't get tricked into an alternative plan that has no scientific proof.

Consider this. Gerson has been at this for years. Why do they not have even one published scientific study yet? The answer is because it's a fraud.

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I believe that there are many alternative programs that are effective - but I'm not a fan of Gerson.

If you want to look into one that I think is pretty good, check out Bill Henderson's book: "Cancer Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing". Here is the Amazon link: ield-keywords=cancer+free+your+guide+to+gentle+non-toxic+healing&sprefix=ca ncer+free

While there are no guarantees with ANY kind of cancer treatment, he offers a straight forward, "self-help" type program that has worked for many.

If you want to be under a doctor's care, check out "Knockout" by Suzanne Somers. The value of this book is in the actual interviews with about 7 or 8 doctors who are curing cancer today by alternative means, and who are available to new patients. You can find this book in Wal*Mart.

Feelings on the merits of the various kinds of treatments run high among cancer patients and caregivers. My opinion is that there are no sure-fire winners - just try to find one you believe in, and follow it as closely as you can.

I'm convinced that fierce determination and a positive mental attitude are two of the best assets in this kind of fight, regardless of which program you choose.

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Whatever you choose, get as much information as possible before you make any changes. Ask your oncologist about any particular special diet or procedure. Consider using alternative methods *with* traditional medicine.

- If there's a large up-front fee, watch out.

- If the website is full of testimonials from "Joe C from Connecticut," watch out.

- If the site claims there have been scientific studies, click the links and read them. If the links don't take you to actual studies, watch out.

There are a lot of people who are genuinely trying to find a cure and some of them can really help. Sadly, there seem to be far more cynical crooks, marketing garbage that won't help and may even kill you.

Whatever you do, I pray God guides you to a complete healing.


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Hi Jodi,

I was just listening to an interview with Charlotte Gerson(Max Gerson's daughter). When we were first looking for an alternative to Conventional Cancer treatment, we met a fellow in a welcome center in Delta, Colorado(of all places). He gave us the name of a woman who swore she cured herself of an advanced stage of a Female cancer using only the Gerson method and diet.

Like almost all Alternative and complementary options, the best you'll get is a testimonial from someone that seems trustworthy. The worst is from the folks who have tried these options without success. Then there is the ACS who will tell you there is no scientific evidence to support much of anything.

At any rate, we decided to go another route. If you'd like to here the interview, here it is:

Good luck in whatever you decide.

Gary and Tomi

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With all due respect, your tone in relation to anything that is outside the traditional cancer treatment model is way too strong, in my opinion.
Gerson therapies have been around for a long time and, contrary to your emphatic statement, have provided excellent healing results for many people.
If you want to talk about expensive medical treatments making people sick, well, we could debate the merits of chemotherapy till the cows come home.
I can totally understand your concerns about some websites making unsubstantiated claims - and also some fringe medicos making a motza offering alternative treatments.
But many people who have been affected by this disease have had extremely good results and have enjoyed a high quality of life as a result of turning to the natural healing arts and therapies.
You have become very vocal on this website, but please relax your tone a little. None of us have all the answers - especially those pedalling chemotherapy protocols.

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I don't think anyone needs "to relax your tone" on this website. Opinions are like noses - everyone has one. I think one should be able to read any blog or comment on this site with an open mind and critical viewpoint. We don't have to agree and we all certainly have different styles of writing and modalities of opinion. As long as what is being written isn't cruel it should be allowed. Since I've been coming to this website I have seen a very wide range of opinions and ideas. This is great.

Report post offers not only good info about specific "alternative" treaments but also good advice as to how to do some critical analysis of your own.

Advocates for alternative treatments will try to discourage you from visiting it because it really does teach you how to evaluate their claims independently.

What have you got to lose by one little visit?

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Opinions are fine and encouraged.

Making statements like Gerson is a fraud can only bring about separation, rather than joining, which is surely what we're all trying to do here.

Gerson popularised the now undeniable link between diet and healing. His treatments, while unorthodox, brought about fantastic healing responses in many, many individuals. Albert Schweitzer, the Noble peace prize-winning physician, described Gerson as one of the medical geniuses of his time and his philosophies are still valuable to this day: if we can detoxify the body and bring about a homoeostasis, the body's innate healing potential is increased exponentially.

Sure, not everyone has had good results when it comes to cancer and Gerson therapies, but you could say that is the case with all cancer therapies, particularly chemotherapy.

As for Quackwatch, there is some good information there. But we should always remember that there are no miracles for those who doubt their possibilities. If you tell yourself you are sick, you will be sick.

Good luck everyone,


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I find it EXTREMELY rude that you all are using my sincere question as a platform for your own agendas! Seriously, people are in need of information! This site has changed so much in the last 3 1/2 years and NOT for the better.

I am thoroughly disgusted. I have lost one parent to SCLC and another is fighting for his life as we speak! What is wrong with you people!

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I understand your dissapointment with people's strong opinionated answers. Unfortunately there is a line drawn in the sand between those chosing alternative healing therapies and those who think it is quackery and choosing only the traditional cut, burn, poison techniques of current American Oncology. There is a very good documentary on the Gerson method called "Dying to Have Known" it is available on Netflix. Might be available at your local library. While my husband (a physician) is using alternative treatments to treat his stage IV NSCLC, we decided against the Gerson method after seeing the documentary. Not because we believe it would not work but because I think it is too difficult to implement on your own at home. You need to go to their clinic in Mexico in order for it to be done properly. I would like to recommend a very good book to you written by Ralph Moss (if you do not know who he is, google him. Used to be affiliated with Sloan Kettering) called Cancer Therapy -- The Independent Consumer's Guide to Non-Toxic Treatment and Prevention. In this book which is about 500 pages he reviewes almost all if not all of the different non traditional treatments that are available. You might also want to read a relatively new book called "The Kinder Gentler Cancer Treatment" which is written by three physicians who practice IPT with great success.
Whatever you choose, please do not allow the chemo addicted skeptics to dissuade you from following your instincts.
I stand with Art who obviously is also on the same wavelength about being more open minded and receptive to alternative treatments. For the record, for those of you who think that anything other than the chemo that your Oncologist is pushing on you, is quackery, a study conducted by the University of Ontario, several years ago, revealed that 75% of Oncologists questioned said that they would not undergo chemotherapy if afflicted with Cancer. We all make our own ways in life. We choose different professions, different partners, different types of housing, clothing, cars, foods, etc. and so we can also all choose the path to healing that suits our personal needs and I do not think that anyone has a right to refer to any alternative treatments as quackery when you have not tried it or done it.
Jodi, good luck with your dad.

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Did you not ask for opinions? Good or bad?

Sorry for the pain you are enduring with your parents, but you can be sure most of us here have been fighting for our own lives.

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Art and Nili,
Thank you for the informative post.....

I am sorry you are upset, but truly a good debate over the Gerson Therapy will only bring about valuable information.

True, you may get some info you don't want, but you will get more information as people discuss it....and hopefully it can help you make a more informed decision.

God Bless,

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Art-I asked for opinions based on experience with this type of therapy.
Your final commment sounds like you think that your struggle is more important than both of my parents... I have been a member for a long time and have tried to help as many people as I could with what I have learned. Are you also negating that simply because I am not the one afflicted by this disease? Shame on you!

For those of you who were kind enough to share your knowledge thank you so much. I'm all for open discussion but what I really need right now is hope and encouragement... Not a bunch of hot air!

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What on earth are you talking about?

I feel your pain but it's got nothing to do with this commentary, surely.

May you find some peace. God bless to you.

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One needs to call in to question Stephen Barrett, MD
that is the registered owner of QUACKWATCH.ORG.

Here is a little background about the good doctor and his site

There is so many does and don't s out there to boost who ever has a horse in the race it all tends to just boil down to choices and your own gut feeling. Do as much research as you can which again does not mean just belive in the published researched. That has shown to change more than the wind. Try to dig deeper and in the end go with your gut that is all you can really trust...

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Rick 7183,

It appears from the site you cite that Ray Sahelian is an individual with a financial stake in an enterprise which did not find favor with Quackwatch.

He suggests that Barrett (owner of the website) is both in error in many of his (the website's) assessments but that he should do more work outside the nutrition field. Nowhere does he suggest that Barrett or his website are pushing a product or service for personal, financial gain as he, Sahelian, is.

So who is it with a stake in this horse race?

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Jodi, I just read part of this thread and I really wanted to answer your question. I will try to give you the condensed version. My husband and I are both currently doing the Gerson Therapy at home. He was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor May 2009. Then the diagnosis changed as the tumor shrunk on its own. He had three more separate lesions grow by Dec 2009. In January 2010 he was hospitalized for 18 days with 5 new lesions on his spine. All lesions are inoperable because of their locations. They decided to go ahead and call it MS even though they aren't certain so that they could treat it. They say that whatever it is, it is not typical of any known disease.

We have a friend who was diagnosed last fall with melanoma that had metastisized to her lungs and at least 21 lymph nodes. She began the Gerson Therapy at home and as of last January, just three months later, her doctors say she is cancer-free.

My husband decided that he did not want to take the MS drug that his doctor prescribed. One of the side effects is cancer and another is an often fatal brain brain disorder. He decided on the Gerson Therapy instead. I am doing it as well. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1999 and have a host of other ailments such as recurring bronchitis and pneumonia, anemia, etc. It is a radical change for those of us who are used to eating the typical American diet, and it takes a complete and total commitment. However, it is doable. Our four daughters ages 11-17 are also eating mostly what we eat. They have added only some whole organic pasta, organic cheese, organic salad dressing and non-fat organic milk to their diets. Otherwise they are eating what we eat. It is very expensive for us because of the large quantities that we have to consume on a daily basis. Our local grocery store has been very helpful and is now carrying almost every organic produce item that we need for the therapy.

Now to what you really want to know: so far the therapy is going extremely well. My husband has been very ill since last Oct 2009 when his 3rd lesion was growing on his brainstem -- extreme fatigue, had to use a wheelchair because of the fatigue, a cane for balance with short distances, double vision which has kept him from working since May 2009, constipation, urination problems, severe head pain, and many other symptoms. Then after his 4th lesion grew in Dec 2009, he was even worse. Then 4 weeks later in Jan 2010, he became even worse with trouble swallowing, inability to walk at all because of his balance, and also cognitive problems. He was hosptialized for 18 days. After he got out on Feb 4, we began eating according to the Gerson diet. By March 15 we had all of the toxic stuff out of our home and had everything purchased and set up to begin the therapy full swing. Even before March 15, his double vision that he had for over 9 months was gone. He also began sleeping soundly through the night which he hadn't done in at least 4 years. The big ugly knot of a scar in his chest that he had from when the hospital had taken a catheter out and left it really messed up, became completely flat and smoothed out and is almost completely gone by now. He is walking without a cane. He had about 25 lbs to lose and has lost at least 20 lbs. I have over 100 lbs to lose and have lost 47. Because my husband's illness is very aggressive, we know that the journey will likely be long, but so far we are seeing amazing results. Also, I should note that along with the Gerson Therapy, the other thing he did is have his 5 amalgam fillings safely removed and replaced with composite fillings. I hope this helps, Jodi. Feel free to ask me any questions and I'll do my best in between juicing and such to get back with you.

God bless you and your family,


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