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Hi everyone, I was looking for stuff for my mom and I came across these websites that offer free stuff for cancer patients - thought I would pass it along. Laurie from the franceluxe website that offers a free headwrap or scarf to cancer patients is very interested in getting the word out there so she can do more good for people so please pass the information along, free hat package for cancer patients Free tote for cancer patients t_Code=L3083&Category_Code= Just e-mail

Chemo Angels: More for support. Weekly letters and gifts.

There's also:

I hope some of you can use these.

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Thank you I ordered several items for my Mother. Hopefully they arrive fairly quickly.

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Very nice. I have an uplifting book I would like to share with others that was created by my daughters mother-in-law for my husband. I have been wondering how to spread it about & you gave me a glimmer of an idea. It is all about inner well being & step by step on how to acheive it. His first response to my daughter was, "You know how I feel about that kind of junk. Just give it back to her & tell her I don't need to find or 'acheive' my inner well being. People who dwell on feeling sorry for themselves are the ones who need that stuff." Well, I read it to him while we were sitting in chemo & he started to get teary eyed & asked me to please call our girl & make sure she hadn't said anything yet to the woman who had created the book- because he wanted to thank her instead. My husband is not a man who lets people see him get emotional or who responds to much that would touch the heart strings- but this is beautiful. The lady that wrote it is an artist & she has MS with very limited use of her hands at times. It took her about 10 months to put together, & finally did~after her husband got her a computer & some special programs for it. For any who may be interested I will copy a bit & post to this site & if still interested I am going to make more coppies to send to people who provide their info. I will have a few exerpts posted by this evening.

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