Foot/Leg Swelling and Seaping

Hi there... I take care of my 92 year old Grandmother and for the last year we have been putting una boots on both her feet/legs to help with the swelling. It hasn't gone away or seemed to help. She has a lot of pain in her legs too. This last week when I was cutting the una boot off of her left legg, the pressure was so bad that her skin broke. Her leg has been seaping so much that it soils a towel in less than 2 hours. I keep chaning them constantly. I've taken her to her doctor, and the doctor just says to keep doing the same thing. I am getting quite fed up! Any one have any ideas on what to do to stop the seaping? I will be taking her to the emergency this evening because that is basically what the doctor told me to do. Any ideas would be great, and I will be changing her doctor!

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Hi there,
That sure doesn't sound good, and yes, change doctors for sure! Seems like there is an underlying medical condition that hasn't been identified. Does your g'mother have lung cancer? I couldn't tell from your post. My mom is Stage iv and has also been having concerning swelling of the ankles & lower legs. Recent tests have revealed her swelling is a result of fluid building up in the heart, from the lung tumors. Maybe she should have her heart checked?

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Take her to the ER, she could have sepsis or edema. Medical help will be needed for these. Take care, JC

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I did this too..but it was because of my congestive heart failure and not the cancer. lasix is what my dr. put me on and it took care of the water, which meant the legs went down and the swelling and seapage stopped.
good luck

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Doctors say her heart is fine. She is also on Lasix. Took her to ER yesterday, but they were so busy, they had no seating and no wheelchairs available. She sat on her walker for over an hour and just didn't want to be there any longer. Took her home and rewrapped her leg like usual. Any ideas on how to stop the seapage? When I take the towel off, it is still seaping. Not sure what to put on it to keep her bed from getting wet at night. Been putting plastic bags on her foot, but I know that can't be good either....???

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