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Hi, has anyone had a cold or flu when they have had a ct scan? my mum is on Alimta and has a Ct scan that shows progression. Some lymph nodes up and some down. also shows possible splenic lesion? jsut wondering if it is possible that the flu that she has attribute to any of these findings. Probably start Tarceva next. Thanks Richelle

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I rarely post, like so many others, but read most of the info written by others and am so grateful to those who do post a lot!

However, I felt compelled to answer this one.

Mike has advanced lung cancer, but for quite some time he was NED. During his NED phase, he had a CT scan and when he had that CT scan he had one of the worst colds he has had for a long time, coughing more, fever, etc.

The CT scan showed 5 lesions and 2 nodules. We were scared and I tried and tired to argue with the oncologist that I thought this was infection showing up on the CT scan. He said no way. So we waited, scared, and still hoping.

Next CT scan showed all lesions gone and both nodules gone and only one cloudy area (which did eventually turn out to be the cancer returned) that our onc wasn't even worried about.

After that last CT scan our onc said, well, I guess it was infection.

That being said, bless your heart, now you will need to wait. I don't know if what you are going through is the same thing we did, but I just wanted to tell you what happened with us.



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My mom had a cough prior to and a little during her PET scan and some infection showed around her lung. The Dr. was able to pinpoint that it was just the cold and not the cancer because there was no "uptake in metabolic activity" - something along those lines. Hope this helps.

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A scan will show up as tumor and disease progression yes.
It happens to many of us. It is best to wait and have it done when the flu, or whatever respiratory infection is going on, is gone.

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I had a PET scan show uptake three times, the first time when I had bronchitis so bad that I had to take an RX cough syrup to keep from coughing during the scan. The second time I was not nearly as sick and still had 2 lymph nodes and 2 other spots light up.

The third time I got the flu from having a flu shot. It made me sick enough to be vomiting the day before the PET scan. It showed uptake in my entire neck and throat.

Never take any scans when you are sick.
Good Luck,

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Hi, thank you to all of you for responding. We went to the oncologist today. He thinks that Alimta is keeping the cancer at bay any longer. mum had 8 cycles which the doc was pleased with. the scans do show minor progression. he thinks the lymph nodes could have been up due to the flu. however he is concerned about one bone spot and possbily new one on the lung. Tarceva is the next line of treatment which mum will start in a couple of weeks. Hoping that it will be the wonder drug for us like it has been for so many others. The positive side is that mum is very well.....no symptoms of the cancer. our oncologist is a very caring man he just attended the conference in Chicago.

thanks for the guidance. i have read many posts over the last 12 months that have given me much hope.

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