Extra Strength Motrin vs. Percocet

Yesterday I bought this heating pad at Sears that I can lay on from head to toe and it is working wonders for the pain in my back and chest.

I discovered that using Extra Strength Motrin is relieving my pain better than the perscription Percocet.

I am only nine days out of the hospital and I am learning slowly what works best to address that ugly post op pain and breathing issues.

How many of you were given a Nebulizer when you went home along with a Spirometer as part of the plan to help expand your lungs and breathing capabilities?

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jonathan - live and learn! :)

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I had a bad night last night and needed to give myself an extra Nebulizer treatment and more.

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Sorry you had a rough night. While I was given a Spirometer and another similar apparatus, I was not given any treatments to take home.
It really does help to do the exercises, though it can be painful too.

I have recently begun to do the exercises again as the Tarceva I'm taking for a clinical trial has caused me to have shortness of breath again.

Hang tough and realize that patience is required for your recovery. You'll get better sometimes in big steps, but mostly in baby steps.

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I've found a heating pad to be the most effective thing for the pain in my rib -- a fracture caused by a bone met. I take Advil too but the heating pad, which I put in the microwave and then take anywhere, is the best.

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I think you are doing super for the short period of time you have been out of the hospital.

The first few weeks I was home I had shortness of breath so badly that my doctor made me go to the ER on 2 separate occasions. My oxygen level was fine, it was all anxiety.

I also had trouble with narcotics, so I switched over to Darvocette which I already took for my arthritis. I was still in a lot of pain but in 8 weeks, I was doing very well.

I also had a spirometer and used it some. Once I got past the anxiety attacks, I did much better all the way around. On June 21st it will be one year since my surgery.

You are doing great.


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