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Has anyone had any experience with Essiac Tea or any other alternative herbal remedies for cancer treatment. My mother was diagnosed with non-smoker NSCLC with mets to her spine. She recently finished radiation to her spine and lung and round 1 or taxol/carboplatin. Her PET scan revealed a shrinkage of the tumor in her lung and no other detectable cancer at this time. Her oncologist is considering giving her a few months off to recover from the treatments. I'm concerned about the extended time off without treatment and was wondering if anyone has tried an alternative form of treatment between traditional chemo to ward off the existing cancer or keep it at bay. Thanks to all and stay strong.

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It is so funny that you happen to ask about this tea. A doctor at my job just told me to look into it for my mom who is stage IV (adenocarcinoma). I just got onto the internet to look it up as I have never heard of it but I decided to read my emails first. It must mean something that you are on here asking about it. :) I am curious to read your responses. GOD BLESS!

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My boyfriend has just finished his last dose of chemo (6 total) He has nsclc stage 4.Three tumors 2.5cm in left upper lung,lower lung filled with what they called "mush" because they were unable to drain the fluid when he was first diagnosed last Sept. Also had a tumor on his liver, hip, and clavical. As soon as he was diagnosed and before any treatment was started he started drinking the Essiac Tea, 2oz. 2Xdaily. He never informed the Dr. he was doing this. Anyway, after his 1st pet scan the tumor in his liver was gone. After each of his pet scans, everything was appearing to be shrinking. Now after his last pet scan, ALL TUMORS APPEAR TO BE GONE! I forgot to also mention he had a tumor in his lymph node in the center of his chest. That is the only spot left but it is VERY VERY SMALL. We believe the tea has helped him thru all the chemo because he was never sick to the point of throwing up, never neauseated, never lost his appatite (gained 2 pds.) and he never lost his hair at all. His only complaint is fatigue. This tea gently flushes toxic residue from the kidneys, liver, lungs, colon, bloodstream, and deepest cells. I would recomend it to EVERYONE!!!! I would not call it a CURE TEA but I will say that it was alot of prayer and a deep faith in our Lord Jesus that has helped him thru. He will now get a pet scan in 4 mo. to see where he is at....but will continue drinking his tea for maintenance for life he says. God Bless you and your mother during this time of hope.

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Essiac was invented by a nurse named Rene Caisse (essiac spelled backwards) from Canada and has not been proven to be effective although some people swear by it. I personally had no luck with it but many people say that it worked for them. (placebo effect?)

It should be available in any good health food store, dry or pre-mixed, as well as on the Internet. You should be able to get a lot of information about it and make up your own mind. I don't recall it causing any harm unless people use it INSTEAD of more conventional and proven treatments. It has been around for a LONG time (since 1920's) so if it really worked that good you think it would be more popular.

I have survived because I tried things (chemo) that most Doctors told me wouldn't work on Stage IV NSCLC. You need to try everything when your life is at stake. We never know what will work for us until we try it. If it doesn't do any harm, it may be worth a try.

Good luck to you,
16 year survivor

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I have been using essiac since March 2008, when I started chemo. I order it from Tehachapi Tea Co.,
I brew it myself, because it is cheaper than buying it bottled. It is a little work to brew, because it is an overnight process and the jars and utensils have to be sterilized, like canning. When I was in chemo my sister in law brewed it for me. I take 2 - 3 ounces per night mixed with a couple of ounces of warm water. I understand that some bottled brands, like Flor-essence, are adulterated with alcohol besides being incredible expensive. You are better off brewing it yourself from the organic herbs, or buying it bottled from Tehachapi tea, as they brew it naturally. I have been NED since March 2008, stage 3b. I take other supplements besides essiac, but I believe the essiac does eliminate toxins and also the herbs involved are loaded with antioxidants/healing properties. The nutritionist at the cancer center saw no harm in me taking it, even during chemo. The oncologist said he never heard of it. I

I am happy to hear that your Mom's scans were good and I hope she continues to feel well.


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I have SCLC recurrence last July after chemo and max rad's 2 yrs ago. There is no cure anymore. Surgery is out of the question, chemo has been offered but I have delayed it to date because I was told it was going to make me sicker this go round. Myself and my family decided that I would try this alternative nutritional therapy with daily Essiac at least until my symptoms start showing. It has been 3 months on this regimen and I have been able to got off one of my blood pressure pills and off my cholesterol med's. My fibromylgia pain in my legs has disappeared completely. To date, my red and white cells and oxygen levels are all within normal range. Praying that this continues to work to keep the cancer at same size and not spreading. My quality of life is far better than it would've been had I gone immediately into the chemo again. As a matter of fact, I feel better than I did 3 years ago when I got dx'd for 1st time.

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What type of lung cancer does he have? I have stage IV Non small cell - squamous cell. Right now nothing seems to be working. It's in my kidneys & liver also. Thank you

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Jameswork, I've been there and done that. Ordered it, drank it, did research on it. Only to find out it does nothing for the cancer. At $25 a bag it gets expensive . Go to the store and buy some green tea. Works just as well. This is only my opinion. As well as a lot of researchers findings. Sincerely, chuck d.

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