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Hello All,
I have had progression after 8 months on Tarceva in the bone and now involving low uptake values in some lymph nodes. Stopped Tarceva and began Carboplatin/Alimta yesterday. I have been approached by a very good friend to try essential oils from a company called "young Living".
They have done research thru Brigham Young University. It was laboratory research not clinical studies. I believe they have begun some clinical studies. So far their research was not done on Lung Cancer Cell lines. Frankinscense, myrrh & hyysop (don't count on my spelling) have been the most promising. I know that essential oils can interfer with chemo because they compete for absorbtion into the cells. It is advised by some to avoid essential oils two days before and nine days after chemo. I am certainly not saying it is a cure but could be helpful to rebuild DNA and generally help with chemo after effects. Does anyone have experience with essential oils ?
Thanks for your help,

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That's interesting that you mention essential oils because a friend of mine who has MS has been getting a massage with frankinscense oil. I'm going to have my massage therapist add a bit to the oil she uses. I'm not on any chemo. It can't hurt and it smells so nice.
Just trying to stay healthy. Best to you.

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Most trials were done in Germany and China. These are naturally used in India in Ayurveda medicine. They can be checked out individually at the Sloan Kettering Herb site. Many trials done, these have been given either in IV or taken orally. Not used as a massage. Some of these can cause skin irritaion and their are problems for diabetics and those on blood thinners with myrrh. It's always best to check these out yourself and come to your own conclusion.
Take care, Judy

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