Draining of fluid from lungs

Hi everyone, my first post for advice. I have stage 3b non small cell in my lymph nodes. They removed my lower left lobe on march 3rd due to a tumor, I went thru chemo, and I tested positive for mutuation and was put on tarceva,which I am still on
I now have 4 treatments of radiation left out of 33.

They did a chest xray - and saw I had fluid in my lungs
and they want to possibly tap my lung next week. Uggh - just don't know if my body or mind can take anymore torture.

Does anyone know or have had this proceedure done? They said I am awake for this. I hate needles or anything so every treatment is such a big deal for me to go thru- so this is just too much to take.

Any feedback or suggestions - would be great.

Thanks. BTW - I was a smoker and I am only 45 years old. Life is so unfair! On my way home from radiation every day - I pass a group of drug addicts under a bridge in Boston, and I just don't understand Gods selection with this disease. so many awful people in this world, and I was picked. I am a single mother, 2 children 12 and 15, and have always went above and beyond to help everyone I know.

You know the saying.

God doesn't give us anything we can't handle, I just
wish he didn't trust me so much :(

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I'm sorry you going thru this. My dad is also young 55 and he is the best man I know. It's unfair to anyone but you can't look at it this way!!! my dad is a non smoker and has it explain that??? you have to have faith and hope and change the outlook to beat this beast. You are young and hopefully you can beat it. You have to children to be the strenght and hope. I wish you the best. Enjoy everyday.

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My mom had her pleural effusion drawn off and she said it wasn't too painful.... Don't know if you've had a needle biopsy before, but she said that the pleural tap was less painful than the biopsy.

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My daddy has had this before twice. He said it was NOT painful, and he resumed normal activities:). Please try not to worry, you'll be fine! Hope this helps!

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Thank you for you for your replies. Hopefully by
having this done, I will feel better. Right now
cough is terrible - not eating and short of breath.

If I get out of this mess, I promised myself to do
something for the lung cancer fund raising or something. There seems so much support and
research done for breast cancer, and not much
for lung cancer? and lung cancer has more deadly
results even for non smokers

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My dad has had it done at least 6 times since 2008, yesterday being the latest. He said it's wasn't painful at all. It actually is a relief when they do it because it helps take away the pressure of the chest as well as makes it easier to breath. Don't hesitate to get it done. Also if they think this is going to be a recurring issue, ask them about a talc infusion. Wish my dad would have had it done. Because now that his lung is entrapped (doesn't expand all the way) it wouldn't help.

Keep up the good fight!

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I have had Thoracentesis done 8 times. Most recently two weeks ago. It is NOT painful. It is done using ultra sound as a guide to locate the fluid.You are sitting up, bent forward leaning on a table. Dr numbs your back and puts in a thin needle, you just feel a pinch.Then they draw out the fluid. It just takes a few minutes to fill up the jar. You'll breathe, easier & your cough should subside. I know when I have fluid buildup as I start getting coughing "fits". It's also a great relief to get the pathology report back "no evidence of disease"
Please don't hesitate to get it done.
Google Thoracentesis and you should see a picture of the procedure.
good luck and happy July 4th

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this site is sooooo great! I feel so much better, knowing its not that painful and I will feel better.

I do hope the biopsy comes back NED. I will keep you
posted. Thanks again

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I only needed fluid drained from my lungs once. My anticipation and fear of it was worse than the procedure.

Now I am having problems with fluid build up in my stomach and nobody seems to know why. I have had 2 parenthesis and have another one scheduled for tomorrow. My stomach blows up and I get very uncomfortable until it is drained. The good news the fluid is negative for cancer.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?


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