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My dad came home with a drainage bulb after having the upper and middle lobes of his right lung removed. My question is about it not staying collapsed after it starts draining. It does for a little while but then as it drains it balloons out. We don't remember it doing this in the hospital, but it does collect fluid. Is this normal? How long do you usually have to have the drain in place? The hospital left it hanging. It hangs as he walks, etc. He does his walking and the breathing devices.

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is this for wound drainage or is it a chest tube?

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Marj,you need to contact your MD's office ASAP, they know wht it is you are referring too,no one here can.
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I guess you would call it a chest tube. It is from surgery, not a wound.

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They use those little drainage bulbs for many different surgeries, even Cesarean Sections. They just drain the fluid that tissue makes as it 'weeps' while healing. But, the bulb should stay squeezed down and slowly open as it fills up. In the hospital, we measure and empty it (the drainage should get less and less each day until they pull the drain.) It could have too loose a fit or a leak. We will just clamp it, take it off, squeeze it again, and put it back on and unclamp it. Does he have a visiting nurse coming out?

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