Donate Unused Drugs

I have tons of unused drugs that my dad did not get a chance to use. I would like to donate them to an org that can make good use of them.

Anyone know of a good org that will take them ?

I have

* Depakote
* Tarceva
* Dilantin
* Liquid Morphine
* Decadron

I've been searching on the net but cant find a cancer center or org in my area.

Thanks in advance

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I found this from a previous post:
May list a pharmacy that will take the drugs and get rid of them for you. If you search donate drugs on this site you will see the posts. One did say a place in Jackvl FL would take them if only in opened blister packs, etc. There was one shown also that there onc would take them back and dispose of them.
You know it is against the law to pass on prescription drugs. Just aheads up. I know they are very expensive and people are in need of them but it is just one of those stupid laws we have.

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If you read the prescription carefully, it will say it is a federal offense to give that medication to anyone.

You are offering addictive drugs that could go to the wrong hands. Call your local pharmacy and they will dispose of them.

Granted, it is a nice gesture.


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Thanks for the info.

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Destroy the drugs !! It is illegal to pass them on. Also be careful about telling everyone you have Morphine. There are some people who would kill for it.

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Dear Ray,
In my community,you can take them to the sheriff's department ,they have drop boxes-you can leave syringes,needles,medications of any kind;
I am not sure anyone legit would take them,too much opportunity for fraud.
So sorry for your loss,

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I see El Monte listed on your profile,there is probably a drop box there .

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So I made some calls and I'll be dropping them off at a local pharmacy that has a drop box.
So sad to see a brand new bottle of tarceva go down the drain.. oh well its America.. we don’t have people in need nor do we need any programs to donate unused meds.. because Medical will take care of you.. right???

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Thanks for input.

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That does seem ridiculous, doesn't it? I am so sorry for your loss. I also understand the need for these laws but kinda wondering about how we could go about donating unopened meds to people who can't afford them. Seems like such a waste. Steph

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Good luck, about all they can do is destroy them.
I know some hospitals like Rochester General hospital take drugs to some countries to help out, but I am not sure if they are a patients or not first.
I beleive thye are jst drugs that were not dispensed first.
I don't think legally we are allowed to give them out. Or for anyone to take them I should say.
I can see why, they could be tampered with. I suppose, so for safety reasons but for unopened medications I can't see why we can not give them to a good cause.

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