My mom has had a hoarse voice off and on and now mostly on for the last 3 weeks. Does anyone have the same thing going on with stage 4 cancer? What does this mean?


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I would ask your onc. It coud mean vocal cords are involved somehow or it could just be laryngitis. You need a doctors opinion on this..........................M.C.

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I am hoarse for a few days after my Avastin infusion. I have heard others having the same side effect after Avastin.


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My dad lost his voice and he was late stage. To be honest, that's how they found his lc cancer back in 1970. However, I have had some in my In-person LC Support Group that were hoarse too. Sometimes the tumor's rest on our windpipe, or airways causing hoarseness.


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I was hoarse during each round of chemo (in fact, after the first treatment or two, the hoarseness would actually begin during the treatment!). Traditional chemo ended in March (now on Tarceva), and my voice has been fine, except that I lost my voice at the beginning of November with a run-of-the-mill cold. The cold has come and gone, but my poor voice is taking FOREVER to come back. There is improvement, but very slow. (This makes me especially nuts because I am a vocalist. I can't even sing Disney tunes with my kids!) I don't think there is tumor activity in that area, but boy are my vocal chords sensitive!

I should mention that I've been on Avastin the whole time (during chemo and with my Tarceva). Maybe that's the link for me...


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My boyfriend is also sclc stage 4, just had his 2nd round of chemo which consists of avastin, alimta, carboplatin, and zometa. He gets this every 3 wks. Five days after his first round he got very hoarse for just a few days, went away and came back 1 wk. later for another few days, but this time with a profusely runny nose. His onc said it was probably from a cold and didn't seemed concerned about it. Now with his 2nd round of chemo last week he has no hoarseness but still the runny nose, and very bad breath, gags alot too but doesn't says there is any drainage. Has anyone else had the BAD BREATH? That of course is the least of worries, but just curious. His white blood count is still good, red was just a little low. Will get another PET scan on the 30th. Merry Christmas to Everyone. May God Bless You All!

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My husband had extensive small cell. His voice got hoarse for 3 weeks - I made him go in to doctor. The cancer had spread and was pressing on the nerve of the vocal cord.

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I lost my voice when the tumor started pressing on the recurrent laryengeal (vocal cord) nerve that runs down the windpipe into the chest. It happened before starting the chemo or radiation so I know it was solely the tumor causing it. It came and went for a few months, but the nerve was permanently severed during my pnuemonectomy.

A few days ago I posted a note about how I had the problem solved if you want to check it out.

God Bless,

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My ex-husband was diagnosed just over a year ago w/SCLC because he had a hoarse throat for over a month and would not go away. X-ray/CT Scan showed large tumor pressing on vocal cord. His tumor is basically gone at this point but he will have left sided vocal cord paralysis permanently. He opted out of surgery for it because it is not causing any problems w/swallowing anymore.

My advice....get it checked out.

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My husband has nsclc and has been hoarse over the six months of this now comes and goes, but his is from coughing....tell your doctor, he will give you the right advise, everyone is different..but we are all fighting together...

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If your mom is taking steroids for inflammation, her hoarse voice is probably from that. My husband was on decadron and his voice was very hoarse.

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My dad's voice went out in Oct. 2006 and that was our first indication that his lung cancer might be back for the third time. It was determined that his issues were caused by a damaged vocal cord, probably from radiation years before. He also began aspirating food and liquid into his lung (also because of the vocal cord). It caused alot of coughing and eventually, infection. A good ENT doctor did a simple fat injection to the cord, which restored his voice and ability to eat. The only problem was that it took them too long to put all of the peices together and finally get it treated.

Contact me if you have questions.

Best of luck!

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My husband was hoarse from the chemo. After a few weeks without chemo it went away.

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My husband was hoarse from the chemo. He is still hoarse from time to time and it is alarming. His last Pet was NED and he has his next one next friday.

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