Do you qualify as a cancer survivor?

Top 10 Ways to Know You are a Cancer Survivor

10 Your alarm clock goes off at 6 a.m. and you're glad to hear it.

9. Your mother-in-law invites you to lunch and you just say NO.

8. You're back in the family rotation to take out the garbage.

7. When you no longer have an urge to choke the person who says,
"all you need to beat cancer is the right attitude."

6. When your dental floss runs out and you buy 1000 yards.

5. When you use your toothbrush to brush your teeth and not comb your hair.

4. You have a chance to buy additional life insurance but you buy a new
convertible car instead.

3. Your doctor tells you to lose weight and do something about your
cholesterol and you actually listen.

2. When your biggest annual celebration is again your birthday, and not
the day you were diagnosed.

1. When you use your Visa card more than your hospital parking pass.

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LOL! I love it!

What are you driving?

All the best to you


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Love it!!!!

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Funny, funny, funny.
That just made my day!

This could be the start of a trend....


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That's funny. We really need to laugh though!!

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Ohh..I do like this ACS !!
You are soo amazing !!

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Luv it! Posting on my FB if you don't mind?

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This is awesome! I love it.

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That is so great! Love it!!! Many hugs!

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I totally LOVE this!!!


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Thanks for sharing! Gave me a good laugh!!!

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And one other that touched a funny bone. A tad more risque.

Just checking for any signs of cancer, Dear . . .

After 5 minutes of playtime , all pornographic films should automatically switch to a scene instructing us on how to check for testicular cancer .
At least that way if the wife walks in , we have an excuse for sitting in the living room with our pants around our ankles.

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Thanks,I needed this!

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LOL, needed that today!!!

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Thanks for the laugh!

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BBC News: Men are not carrying out the appropriate checks for signs of cancer.

Social media reply: Not true. I'm so "cancer aware" that, not only do I check my own arse and testicles, but I check my girlfriend's tits for lumps as well.... though she does get a bit uncomfortable with this when we're on the bus

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This is great!! thank you!!!

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It's not only women who lose interest in sex once cancer affects our lives.

This from John at Sydney's Royal North Shore:

"My wife told me she was re-naming my dick to "Bill Gates"

I said "Why, because it makes you feel a billion dollars?"

"No, 'cos it's Micro-soft"


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And a nice straight one to finish the chuckles for the day:

"What do you call a doctor who is always on the telephone?"

Wait for it . . . "An ON-CALLogist."

Laughter really is the best medicine!

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Very nice way to start the day ! Thank you. Now I am off to have my CT scan! I will get results Friday! Have a great day all!

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