What does densities mean?

Hello, I just had a routine x-ray and was told that I have a couple of densities in my right lung. The doctor said he thought it was probably not a tumor, but wanted a cat scan. I was just wondering what this could be, so I can stop worrying. I had pnumonia about two years ago. Anyway, I am just trying to eliminate my worst fear.
Thank you.

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Hi ssuzanne, the term "densities" is the way they describe structures that appear denser in the Xray film. When looking at the lung area on Xray, the area is pretty much dark because xrays penetrate lung tissue. But when there is something abnormal in the lung, the xrays do not penetrate the structure as well & it appears as a lighter, milky shape against the normally dark lung area. If you had pneumonia in the past, it is very likely the densities they're seeing in your lung could be scarring from the infection. A CAT scan is able to differentiate between various abnormalities in the lung & they will be better able to tell if it's just old scarring, fluid, or nodules, or whatever.
If your dr said he doesn't think they are tumors, then go with that & wait for the more definitive results from the CAT scan.
Keep us posted!


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I agree with Gail. Very vague and more info will come out on CT. Why would you be worried about LC?
Good luck & take care, Judy

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Thank you so much! I agree, it is something to be seen in the ct scan. I appreciate your time and thoughts. I am keeping you all in my prayers and am so happy to know people like you are out there!!!

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