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Hi Friends,
I found out today I have an appt at Dana Farber on April 3rd. Wanted to know about places to stay. I think we're just going up for the day...appt is at 4:00, and come back next day.No, if I feel well I might try to enjoy an extra day. I haven't even looked to see what paying out of pocket for flight is going to cost. I've asked my brother in law who is an ER Dr to come and be our 3rd set of ears. I have a lot riding on this visit!

Soo, never having been to Boston before. How far is Dana Farber from the major airport? Can you guys suggest a decent place to stay? And now this is the steroid talking........."RESTAURANTS". I'm a vegetarian, so I like ethnic places. Basically right now FOOD in general rocks my little world. So let me hear some exciting mouth watering restaurant suggestions!! I don't want to stay on steroids but I like..no LOVE food again and it feels good!!

Also, what can I expect at my appt? I went to Duke for a 2nd opinion, but this will be my first time at Dana Farber. I'll be taking all scans and stuff with me.

Give me what ya got! And still holding onto hope!
Pat K

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Hi Pat,

When my husband had his long chemo treatments and his various surgeries and was hospitalized, I stayed at the Best Western Hotel, which is just around the corner (within walking distance) from both Dana Farber and Brigham & Women's Hospital. We live about an hour and a half away, and I didn't want to be driving in and out of Boston when he was in the hospital. The hotel's accomodations were fine and suited my needs perfectly. They had a restaurant right in the hotel, as well as a food court just outside of the hotel. We had family drive us to the hotel, and since I didn't have a car, I basically stayed right in that general area. I spent most of my time at the hospital and ate at the cafeteria lots of time, too. If you decide to stay there, make sure you ask for the medical rate, which saved me a lot of money. I'm not sure how far it is from the airport. When we take the train to South Station in Boston, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes by taxi from there, depending upon the traffic.

My husband's treatment team consisted of the oncologist (Dr. Paul Marcoux, who was wonderful), the radiologist, (Dr. Dugal), and of course his thoracic surgeon (Dr. Steven Mentzer, who is excellent). Everyone at Dana Farber and Brigham & Women's were absolutely wonderful, kind and so helpful. My husband's first appointment at Dana Farber was a year ago in April, and we spent most of the next 7 months in and out of there for his radiation, chemo treatments and 4 surgeries, as well as zillions of tests.

We wish you lots of luck there and will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Cheryl G

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Hi Pat,
What doctor are you seeing at Dana Farber? We saw Dr. Michael Rabin, and he was great!!! I took my dad there, and had a very pleasant trip. They are all very friendly, and the "welcome packet" is helpful too. I would send as much information(scans, results,..) ahead of time as possible. This will give the team some time to review your case. Best of luck to you!


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Hey Pat -

How wonderful that you will see people at Dana Farber! My surgery was done by a fantastic DFCI thoracic surgeon - Dr. Yolanda Colson. She specializes in lung cancer in women. My oncologist is Dr. Rabin - great guy! DFCI is a top-of-the-line place. .

I am emailing some of my family (those that live in Boston) to find a good restaurant for you. We will get you all set Pat! That is the stomping grounds for one of my sisters, and many of her family!!!! In terms of food at the hospital, my husband really liked one of the cafeterias there on the second floor of Brigham and Women's (connected to Dana Farber,) should you have to be there longer than a day, or if you have to spend a long day there.

As to what to expect - EVERY doctor, nurse, aide, etc. that I met at BWH/DFCI were wonderful! Top notch, and nice to boot! I asked one of the nurses during my stay there (13 days in BWH) how come everyone was so nice, and she said if doctors/nurses etc come in with an attitude, the others already there straighten them out in a week or two!

Feel free to email me with any/all questions! I feel like BWH/DFCI is a home away from home, so I can answer, or find an answer, to any question! I am so excited - I might be able to help you, as you have helped so many others!!!!

Keep up the Hope!


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Hi Pat,
I got a second opinion at Dana Farber 6 years ago, 4 days before I was scheduled to have surgery in my hometown.The doctors at Dana Farber told me I would be a fool to have the surgery when I was scheduled. I had more chemo and radiation and went back 1 month later and had surgery In Boston. I feel the second opinion saved my life. It is 6 years later and I just finished a clinical trial at DFa few months ago. I have the highest regards for the doctors and nurses there. I'm glad you are going. I also stayed at the Best Western right around the corner. There are so many restaurants in Boston. It's a fun place to go visit. Logan airport is not far from DF.( 30 minutes by car).
If you have any other questions, let me know.

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