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At the end of July I received 3 days of one and 1/2 hours Cyberknife. I was told by the lady that administers the treatment that some people have no side effects. I just want to state that I did have side effects that showed up about two weeks later with severe coughing spells, to much sinus drainage, and now as time progresses more fatigue then the radiation I received over the 28 days last year. I'm only writing this to make people aware that they may appear. My tumor sits on my esophagas so I've also had to go through some bad times swallowing that is getting better know. I am not allowed any Pet Scans for 4 month and then I get a PET scan. Waiting and praying all prayers appreciated. May the Good Lord bless all of you and if you ever do have ck may it be one of the no side effects kinds. They keep telling me all caner is diference and I think we are ll aware of that :) Another wonderful day alive!!! Loving family and friends. Life's good. Miss Linda

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Dear Ms. Linda,
I am so very sorry to hear of your terrible side effects from your cyberknife treatments. My husband had CK to a large frontal lobe brain tumor, and the side effects were fatigue and a slight headache, back to work in three days as a computer programmer. His tumor completely disappeared, and never recurred.

I think the problem is the location of your tumor, which is near soft delicate tissue. But my hopes are that your results will be perfect in every way.

I hope someone else can give you more specific feedback as CK is an excellent treatment - at least for brain mets. God bless you and hope things improve.

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As Peg said, it all depends on where it is. And it doesn't matter if it's targeted or conventional. I had SRS which is pretty much the same as GK and I have side effects from the scarring. Hope you feel better soon. Take care, Judy

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Thank you Brooklyn1 for responding. Blessings to you and yours husband. It gives me hope that it wiped his tumor out I hope it destroys mine. I can handle these side effects as I believe they will disappear with time. How long ago was he treated if you don't mind me asking?

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Thank you Judy for responding as well. Brooklyn1 I just noticed your name is Peggy. (I would have addressed you that way if I'd picked up on it). Judy where is your cancer located? I had the other radiation last year 28 days for about 10 min. per day. You are right I had swallowing then and fatigue. I will say though that I'm having a lot more bone aches with the cyberknife. Or at least I'm hoping that's what it is. Are you in remission? I hope so. I will know more about me on 11-11-11. Nov 11.

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Dearest Miss Linda,
Marten was treated with GK at NYU on April 5th, 2009. As I said, he never had any side effects, the procedure went flawlessly, and he never had scarring or a recurrence of any brain tumor. Sadly, Marten was Stage IV and his disease was extensive, and he passed June 28, 2010..

I hope that your side effects ease soon, and that your treatment is a great success. All blessing to you...

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I have two tumors in the upper and lower right lobes. I had SRS to both then chemo. I didn't have the side effects your talking about, as I had only 4 sessions of 20 mins. each. But five months later, I developed problems with my right arm due to scarring of the pectoral muscle in the chest and scarring to the shoulder muscle. It says targeted, but it has to get in and get out, is how it was explained to me. I wouldn't wait until November, I'd call now. Hope you have answers soon. Take care, Judy

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Dear Peg and Judy,

First Peggy I'm so sorry for the loss of your loved one may he be resting peacefully and enjoying company of loved ones that left this planet before him. That at least is how I view our coming destinies. Gamma knife is suppose to be pretty effective for brain mets from what I've read about. I'm hoping that mine doesn't go to my brain as I'm not all that bright anyway and could use what little bit is left in there to function with :).... Miss Judy I'm all with you on wanting my Pet Scan sooner. I asked the doctor in OKC and was told I have to wait because of the amount of radiation still working in my body. The rad. is suppose to continue to "hopefully be shrinking this tumor" that's why I'm having side effects still. Also I was trying to get it in Sept. because I had my COBRA insurance paid trough that month. I have also asked the hospital here in my small home town to schedule me sooner. No help from either source. Radiation Nurse here did tell me that I should try to keep my COBRA paid for at least through Nov. because PET scan costs around $5,000.00. I was hoping to be able to pay the hospital a little more each month maybe even $200.00 per mo. My insurance right now costs me $683.00 and COBRA will cut me off in March. Living on disability and doing all right but a bit disgusted and scared of what my future will bring when I have to tell them I have no $$ or Insurance left for them. I suppose treatment will be the same. I really plan on only continuing with scans for a while or I may quit everything and just gamble for a while. Unsure at this time.

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