CT Scan reveals 7 mm "spot"on lung

Hi all, I'm a 3 year survivor stage 3 esophageal cancer.
There has been NED during all that time. Went in for a
6 mos. CT scan follow up. Surgeon who performed my
Trans Hiatal Esophagectomy (THE) said scans looked great BUT one 7mm "spot" on lung. He sent me home told me not to worry and we'll do CT in 4 mos. He didn't appear to be exceptionally alarmed, but I am. I will have
follow up with my oncologist to discuss the CT scan, guess I'll see what his reaction is. Dr. suggest it could be nothing, i.e. scar tissue, some aspiration, etc. But he didn't rule out the dreaded "C". I know this topic has probably been beat to death, but not worry and for 4 mos.! Guess I'll just get my head in the right place and know, that "I am healthy", "I am well", and "I am cancer free". Thanks for reading.

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I'm with you, don't take any chances - Go see your oncologist! Better to be safe than sorry! Hope everthing turns out o.k. for you!

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What lung and lobe is it in? Asking in relation to comment on scar tissue. It's best to see what your onc says even though he/she could also say to rescan in
3-4 months to see if it grows. Wishing you the best.
Take care, Judy

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Judy, If I remember it was in left upper. Not 100% sure.
Dr. lost me after he told me about the "spot". My wife was with me, she probably was listening. My father in law is GP with 45 years of practice. He reviewed my previous CT scan reports and said there was mention of scar tissue on that left side. He believes that it very well could be radiation scarring. During my treatment for the esophageal cancer they were zapping me 5 days a week ( total 25 sessions) from all sides of my chest. He says since I'm 3 years post chemo, radiation & surgery that it can typically take that long for detectable scar tissue to visualize. I'm hoping for the best. I know with any type of cancer no one gets a no return guarantee. For those reading I'm 52, non smoker. Run 12-15 miles a week. I actually feel better today than I did before I even knew I had the cancer. Guess that's why this has alarmed me so. I've really been trying to stay better fit. If no diagnostic testing is done, time flies and 4 mos. down the road will be here sooner than later! Best to all.

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So I met with oncologist. He says that "spot" is not a problem. He reassured me that he has of course reviewed thousands of scan and that the shape and "smoothness" of the spot suggest that its infection, scar tissue. etc. Not anything met. He was confident that it would most likely be gone in 3 mos. when he will do another scan to be sure. So I felt better leaving his office. BUT he did say if by some chance it did change (grew) we'd find out what it was, and if need be get it out. But he said no need to even go there yet. He could see the worry on my face initially and he almost had a look of absurdness in his expression that it could be something serious. I told him I was taking that to the bank. These guys I go to are great oncologists and I know they wouldn't candy coat anything. Guess we'll just wait and see.

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