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Hello all,
As you know my father has cancer in both lungs and has had 2 chemo treatments so far with Carboplatin Taxol. The nurse was here this morning and she can hear a crackling in the lungs...My question is I know alot of you are doing quite well on this chemo and I was wondering if any of you had this crackling as well? Also, besides the carboplatin taxol is there anything else I might ask them to add to the chemo that alot of you have had results with such as tarceva?? Like I said he has had 2 chemo so far and they are going to do another one next tuesday. The oncologist wants to do 6 I believe in total. My dad is also on 24/7 oxygen and when he sits he is now breathing at 97/98 and before he was at 91..Could the chemo be working? when he is breathing at 97/98 the oxygen is set at 6.5..He wants off the oxygen so bad but we tell him it's going to take time may 4 or 5 treatments? Any input on oxygen would be appreciated.


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The nurse should be reporting the crackling to his doctor and in the meantime, call his doctor and let them know. As for adding anything else, Tarceva might be used in combo with one other drug, but not two. Such ast alimta/tarceva. It's best to wait and see how this chemo works and then go from there. Usually it's 4 treatments though some do 6. They should scan half way through and see if it's working. Has he been scheduled for a scan? Let us know how he makes out. Take care, Judy

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Hi Judy,

Thanks as always for the reply. So is the crackling serious? When we asked the nurse in private she said don't even worry about it ?

He is going to have a scan I believe next month but so far his breathing is better he is not as winded or as slow as he was but then again he has only had 2 treatments so I know we need to wait until at least 4 or so.

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I don't think so, but I'm not a medical professional. Does this nurse report back to his doctor? If she does, I wouldn't worry too much. If they think it's something, they'll call you. The chemo can definitely help withe his breathing. Take care, Judy

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My first-line chemo cocktail was also Carbo/Taxol, and I did very well on it - had about 50% reduction in tumor after 4 treatments. Tarceva is not used in addition to this cocktail, but may be a possibility as second-line treatment. There will be several possibilities for second-line treatment, but give his current treatment a chance first. The fact that his oxygen level is higher is a very good sign. Don't get too concerned about the cracking - it's probably just a little fluid and unless it's causing him a lot of coughing is nothing to worry about. It sounds like they're keeping an eye on it and have things under control.

For now, your best help will be to make sure he's getting plenty of liquids, and that any side effects like sore mouth, nausea, constipation, etc., are being dealt with so that he feels as well as possible while undergoing this treatment.

Hang in there!!! MJ

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Thank you ladies I find this very comforting. He has the tumors in both lungs so I am hoping he has the success you have had. I am happy though that his breathing while sitting has improved since when it was first taken it was 90/91 now to be at 97/98 is good news. Did you ahve cancer in both lungs? Was there anything special you were eating/drinking etc?? I know we have him on special juices, kale, asparagus, ensure plus his meat protein etc so his appetite is extrememly good. He is also doing his arm weights and walking laps since they have a bungalow.

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Crackles (some old time nurses also call them "rales") usually indicates the presence of some fluid. This isn't too unexpected (to me anyway) considering what is going on in his lungs. If his lungs were full of crackles and his oxygen saturation was low and he was feeling short of breath I'd be more concerned. But his sats look really good. My guess is the crackles were only heard in a part of the lungs and not throughout the lungs (though you didn't say). So I wouldn't worry. The nurse knows what to watch for and if she were worried she would definitely contact the doctor.

If he is able to maintain good saturation levels then they will probably decrease his O2 level but I wouldn't try to hurry the process.


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I had a 3 cm. tumor in one lung, and several small spots in both lungs. My PET scan was also lighting up between my lungs and up the side of my trachea, which indicated cancer in my lymph nodes, but none of that was biopsied, just the main tumor. I had no coughing or shortness of breath. Anyway, after the Carbo/Taxol and 2 treatments with Alimta, everything but the main tumor had disappeared. After 18 months on Alimta, the main tumor appears to be dead scar tissue, not lighting up at all, and I was declared NED (No Evidence of Disease) last February, and again when scanned last month.

As far as diet - I felt pretty crappy on Carbo/Taxol, and I just ate whatever tasted good. Still do, though I try to include more healthy foods now.


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Wow I am happy for you ! I know it is a long process, and we have to be patient. How many Carbo treatment did you have?

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I guess with where they say the tumor is it must be on his heart which I think would explain the shortness of breathe before but I could be wrong. It's hard because my father doesn't want to ask any questions just go through the process so I am in the dark. I have all these papers but I have no clue how to find even the size of the tumor,.

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