Crackling Sound While Breathing

Your probably all tired of my questions by now, guess I'm I worry wart. But thanks to all of you who have eased many of my problems. I've been on Levaquin for 4 days for a uti. The last 3 days when I'm laying down I have this popping/crackling noise in my upper chest almost in my throat. I've been getting a little short of breath at times too. I've had this before when I was receiving radiation & chemo, but it went away. I had a ct yesterday and will see my doctor tomorrow. Needless to say I'm worring myself over this. Could it possibly be pneumonia or pleural effusion? I don't have a cough or any chest pain.

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Dear suncity,
Questions are good.
Sorry about the UTI. I hope it is getting better.
You have done all the right things, you had the snap, crackle and pop checked out. You have mentioned a couple of things, I will add some more. Upper respiratory infection nipped early, allergies, mucous membranes swelling/decreasing, "nothing".
If you have a pneumonia I would have thought that they would have called you. Granted, you are already on antibiotics..

I think you will be fine.


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I would certainly ask your doctor about that right away. Upon completion of my treatments, I developed radiation induced pnuemonitis and had the crackling similar to what you're describing. (This a not uncommon to those who have received extensive radiation treatment to the chest.) I was given Levaquin for that so it's good to hear you're already on it. Things really didn't clear up until after I was given a white count booster......ask your Dr. about that also.

Wishing you well,
Strength - Faith - Focus
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