Coughing up foamy type sputum

I have bronchial alveolar carcinoma and have been coughing up a foam like sputum since diagnosed, this goes on all day and wakes me at nite. I was wondering if others with the same type of lung cancer have the same type cough . My doctors, are very vague about an answer.

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Dear Pat:
As soon as I saw your title, "coughing up foamy type sputum," I knew what type of cancer you had. My dad also had this form of cancer and the amount of sputum he produced was unimaginable. I can't even call it sputum as it was, as you say, foamy. Even being a nurse for over 20 years, had never seen anything quite like it before. When we speak of foam, it would be similiar to if you would put dish soap in the sink and sprayed it; the foam builds. My dad did this and we were told two things. This form of cancer is mucous producing. Dad first started having excessive phlegm which he attributed to sinus and allergies. Then he later had the foam. The foam is pulmonary edema. No one ever told us that possibly Lasix could help him with excessive fluid in his lungs. At times it would roll out of his mouth in his sleep and he never even knew it. It is an unbelievable cancer. Did the tell you what stage this is in and is it in one or both lungs?

I am curious as to what caused you to seek medical attention. This cancer is not like any other
in that it does not have a "tumor" so to speak. My dad had an unresolved pneumonia and started having shortness of breath. Only 8 percent of the population are unfortunate enough to have this form of cancer. It is rare that I am able to visit with others who have been diagnosed with BAC. They felt dad's cancer was caused from his work as a carpenter and the exposure to wood grains, formica dust, and aspestos. Feel free to email me at if you ever want to visit. I am interested in what type of treatments you are getting and how you are doing. Take care of yourself and "bug the oncologist" if they don't come forward with is THEIR job to help you understand your disease process. I had to do a lot of digging on my own too and that my friend, should come from the experts. Hugs from Iowa Jolene

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