Coughing up blood/pneumonia

Hello all. Dad is back in the hospital...just 2 weeks after being in for pneumonia. He first got pneumonia days after completing his cisplatin/etoposide and radiation treatment. It was no surprise as we knew his counts were low.

However, this newest hospital stay wasn't expected. He has been feeling a lot better and getting strength back daily. He was even back to work full time. He began to see streaks of blood as he coughed a few days ago and today he coughed up a teaspoon of blood. His doctor said he needed to go to the ER. After a cat scan, they said it looks like pneumonia again. However, he has no fever and feels just fine. Could the blood be from the pneumonia? Could it be from something else? I should mention that he is on plavix. Could that cause him to cough up blood as he heals from the radiation? Since this afternoon, he has not continued to cough up any blood.

I seek answers from all of you, as we will not know for sure for a few days. They are waiting on results to be certain whether it is pneumonia or not.

Thanks for your inspiration and continued hope!


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Coughing up blood is one of the many symptoms of pneumonia my father too had pneumonia when he was in early stages of smlc

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Dear Millie
It is entirely possible that it is still the pneumonia. It can be a very difficult infection to conquer, even in healthy people. A friend of mine was laid up for the best part of 3 months trying to fight infection and get well again, and she doesn't have lung cancer!
Hopefully the tests will find out for sure what the problem is, and appropriate treatment can be given. I do hope he feels better soon,
with love and best wishes, Carolyn

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Sorry to hear your dad is back in the hospital. I will say a prayer for him to get stronger and able to come home soon.

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Hi mille, sorry your dads feeling bad. coughing up a little blood is how I first got dx's. When I googled it, there was a lot of things from nothing all the way to lc. that can cause it, so maybe it's not pneumonia, but I know you can have pneumonia without feeling real bad, I hope he feels better soon, will say a prayer for him. take care, Gary

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Just from a witness view, my mom was coughing up blood for a while, which the doctor said was normal, but one day (my birthday) she was coughing up chunks and finally her doctor said go to ER. It was determined, she had a hole in her lung that got bigger AND pneumonia. She was in the hospital for two weeks. They were unable to do surgery because it was in a fragile area to access. Radiation was performed over a period of time and seems to be doing ok from that scare. It's a day by day illness.

I am just giving our experience.

Good luck.

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Regarding your question about the Plavix causing the bleeding... in the truest sense of the word it doesn't "cause" bleeding but it prevents the blood from clotting once bleeding starts. This means that tiny amounts of capillary bleeding that most people would never notice (like from coughing b/c of pneumonia and sensitive radiation exposed tissues) seems like a lot more bleeding because it takes so much longer for the blood to clot. This is why patients on blood thinners like Plavix are usually advised to use soft bristle tooth brushes and electric razors because little nicks and scrapes bleed more.
Of course they need to be thorough and make sure its nothing more serious. I would not be surprised, however, if they told you the bleeding was a result of multiple factors like the coughing and Plavix. Best of luck and thoughts and prayers for you and your Dad.


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