8 was wondering if anyone knows a good way tp get rid of the phelgm in the chest. My sister started her chem and she has a bad cough with alot of phelgm she is taking musinex and using a humidifier but cannot get any releif is there anything else she can try that might help? Any suggestions would be great.
Thanks fuzzy

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Hi fuzzy, did her on tell her to take Musinex?? If she has alot of phelgm/drainage aything like this, musinex will loosen it more. Jim's onc told him to not take musinex, he had alot of coughing too. Is she coughing bc of surgery?
New onc told Jim to use Affrin and sudafed/claritin for his problem. It worked fine.

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She didnt have surgery they told her the chem would cause the coughing and when she starts radiation it will get worse she has been takening the mussinex but does not seem to help much.

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Was she a former smoker or still smoking? No prejudice or judgement but this will cause phlegm and mucous. I have sclc with emphysema and I get a lot of phlegm at times also. It builds up to where it is very annoying and when it does come out, I have a hard time coughing it up and it is a very whitish to light brown color and very, very sticky. I had 7 radiation treatments to my throat area as a grapefruit sized mass had metastisized there. It was literally crushing my windpipe and was told I only had days because surgery was not an option. This is what my Primary Dr. said but the radiologists saved my life about 5 months ago with the radition treatments and 10 days in the hospital. I am going on my 6th round of chemo also. The Onc told me I was responding to treatment but I believe it is only palliative as my sclc is/was extensive. I won't know more until June after my 6th round of chemo when I will then have more scans done. I am prescribed mucinex if I need it and also am supposed (prescribed) to take Ipratropium Bromide and Albuteral inhaling treatments 4 times daily which I don't always do regularly. (Me Bad). I'm on about 8 different meds along with chemo so it is hard to keep track of everything!? You can get these treatments prescribed or at least inquire ( I know it works and helps with phlegm), it is a little electric machine with a clear tube attached and an inhalation mouthpiece where you add the medicine. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes per treatment. It does loosen and help clear the airways to help one breathe better and loosen that nasty phlegm. I hope this helps somewhat and pray you feel better...By the way, all Dr's are different in their approach but this was prescribed to me by my Primary who specializes in Pulmonology and my Onc does not have a problem with it...

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She never smoke its just a lot of phelgm and alot of coughing she said she feels really good if the cough would go away.

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I was told to take Robitussin for the cough but was not bothered with a cough

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