I have just had a lobemctomy a month ago and have had a cough not a bad one but a cough that is a lingering one, The Doctor is not worried and said that since I had one before maybe that is just me???
I also heard that after surgery you can have a cough for a month or too??
Just wondering if anyone if anyone has heard or have had one..


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Well I don't think it's just you, I am experiencing the same. I had a lower lobectomy (left) on 7/9 and I have a nagging cough. Also if I belch (sorry) or get the hiccups boy oh boy, or sneeze does it hurt! I'd love to hear from others about this. Will this last forever?

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It's not the same but I had a pleurodesis in February this year. Ever since then I have had a cough that comes and goes - the doctor and I think it is from that rather than the cancer, which has not been (thankfully) growing aggressively. But the surgery resulted in lots of scarring and tissue damage which I'm sure causes it's own set of problems.

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Lisa, My mom had her LLL removed 6-25-07 by Vats. She has a cough still. It is not as bad as it first was. But she has good day when she dont cough as much as others. The Doctor said he wasnt worried about is as long as she dont have a fever. or if it is a dry cough where she doesnt cough anything up .But I know my mom is tired of it. But the Doctor said it should get better.


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After my surgery (2005) I had a cough for the longest time. I remember being very worried about it because my surgeon was kind of vague about answering this concern. Anyway, something about re-expanding your lung makes you cough. It's apparently a good thing???? But the good news is - it goes away. I still cough every so often but nothing at all like after the surgery. I did have a thing with yawning for a bit too that I was also concerned about but that went away too. Feel free to pm or email me! Sharon

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Hi Lisa, I know exactly what you're talking about with the cough. I was dx with 3B lung in May 06. In May 07 was dx with brain cancer. The reason I went to the doctor was because of the cough. During my chemo & radiation treatments, I had stop coughing. About a month later the cough came back. I have been back to the doctor and had scans and everything was fine. I still cough and the doctors say everythings is ok. I eat Hall's all day. It seems like when I talk is when the coughing gets worse. I go back to the doctor on Monday and I will inquire about this. In the meantime keep me posted on your cough and I will do the same.

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Thank-you for your reply, again I have high hopes to once again make it over another hurtle..

God Bless You, and you can also e-mail me too..

Ps I love the pic of your pony, I use to have horses..


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ok I will and let me know what they say!

God Bless

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i cough like crazy. It is slowly getting better ( i had the lower left lobe removed Nov 17) In the morning its tough, and if i get really worked up i just cough up a storm. Oh lord and in response to the burps and sneezes and yawns, i never was afraid of them until after lung surgery! Talk about thinking you are going to pop a stitch!! Man those can hurt!

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I had a pneumonectomy one month ago and I have a cough that won't go away. It hurts my ribs, sides and back. I have trouble sleeping also. It is an unproductive cough. It seems to have gotten worse in the past few days. I have a humidifier in my room. I have been on a strong anti-acid medicine as I was really sick the 2nd week out of surgery. Has anyone had the problem of the cough and how did you solve it. My back hurts as does the left front near the ribs due to nerve endings being cut.
Thanks for your replies. leapyearkid

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I too had a phneomoctomy 2 years ago, the lingering cough I still have in the mornings and not much unless I think about it, I hear you have to learn how to breath and your body has to adjust.. dont worry so much try and relax so you dont keep coughing, I too took lots of antacids and cough drops.. if it is too much as your surgeon or PCP.. Hang in there thank god we could have the surgery..

God bless.. if you have any more questions feel free to add me as a friend and ask,
ps what stage were you? did you have chemo or are you having it?


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I had an upper right lobectomy in July, 2005. I did a lot of coughing and it really scared me. After a while the coughing stopped.


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