Cost of Single Chemo with Cisplatin + Gemcite


I will be flying my mom in from overseas for treatment of Nsclc Stage 3b. Since she doesn't have insurance, I'm trying to prepare myself for the cost of treatment for atleast 4-5 months. She has just finished her second round of Chemo with Carboplatin and Gemcite and has no side effects so far.

If she were to continue the same here, what would be the cost (including cost of drugs and doctor visits for the chemo)? If anyone who has info on the combo above, can get back to me, I'd greatly appreciate it......

Thanks much.

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Tough question. It depends on what part of the country you are in and whether you are at a big city hospital or a more rural setting. It will most certainly be several thousand dollars per treatment but remember this, --- Insurance Companies get a discount of around 50% or more!! --- Don't be afraid to ask for a discount and make arraignments to suit your situation. There should be a lot of room for negotiation .

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I'd like to let share a few items regarding your Mom's treatment and costs:

1. Insurance companies get a huge break; i.e., 50% and MORE, seriously, the previous post is absolutely true.

2. If you call the hospital, tell them you want to speak to the business office or patient accounts, they will tell you the costs of the treatment. Explain that you are going to add your Mom to your insurance at work, but you have to wait 90 days for the enrollment to begin, so you want to pay for her treatments at first; then you want to know what the insurance cost will be (tell them the name of your insurance carrier or use anyone of the majors, i.e., United Healthcare, Aetna, etc.). If one place is reluctant to answer, try another hospital or chemo facility. Really, honestly, you will get the information you want straight from the horses' mouth if you just carve out a little time for some telephone calls. Keep calling, you'll get the info!

3. Next ask for the insurance company price; just ask. Asking is free; 50% chance they will tell you want you want to know; same odds for a "no" answer; keep dialing, someone is going to answer your question. .

4. Now HERE'S THE DEAL; tell them you will pay for each treatment at the time of the treatment (Wall Street Journal - everyone paying bills 60-90 days late today). An immediate payment is a precious commodity today.

A) Offer to pay for the treatments via credit card; see what they say. Then say to them, "what payment would you accept if I paid cash at the time of the treatment"? ".

B) Few people realize in today's economy almost every business - and hate to say it, but I will, Cancer treatment is a business, a billion dollar business annually - will discount items for cash payment. If you think it's an odd concept, go to your local drugstore and ask for the cost of a prescription, say 10 or 20 mg. of Norvasc (a blood pressure med), 30 tablets; tell them you pay for it yourself (no insurance) ask for the cost if you pay by credit card; then ask for the cost if you pay cash. Almost all drug stores will discount 5-10% for cash payments. I know this for sure - I do it with my prescriptions at one fo the nations largest drug store chains. If it is a regular prescription (say your Mom needs some common type medication). BTW, if there is a generic brand, and Wal-Mart carries it, the cost is $4.00. This same cost at Target, Sams and Costco (no membership required - you can visit any pharmacy anywhere regardless if you are not a member).

I sure hope some of this helps you in some way with your Mom. Keep positive and keep praying too!

Blessings to you and your Mom (and family),
Gail aka Coco1101

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Hi Coco, Giaccino,

Thanks much for your responses........

Coco, I did call Patient Services / Billing (for an Oncology Center here) and told them exactly what you said. They were, however VERY adament about not giving out any info.......I had asked for the Cost of a PET Scan, Biopsy and how much their Doctor would charge for a consultation / administering LUCK! I understand that once she's evaluated, only THEN will we know what drugs she will be on, the kind of treatment etc. I told them I'd pay separately for the drugs but they wouldn't give out ANY info......I'll try other places........

Btw, I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and I'm also looking into Alternative Treatments......any of you have any experience with this? I have downloaded several E-Books and the information I see is very Compelling.......I'm starting to lean more towards them.

I am also collecting information on Dr. Robert Nagourney of Rational Therapeutics, Long Beach CA. He seems to have done some pioneering work in the area of Chemo Sensitivity testing and is known to have a 85% success rate in curing / treating his patients......

More on this, soon.......

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..excluding hotels and meals out of hospital..

..prices based on Davao Doctors Hospital

..cisplatin+ gemzar complete round , inc hospital, around 70K Philippine 1000 Euro ?, errr 1500 US Dollars

..CAT, 8K Phil 50 Euro ?

..Blood test, CEA, 1000 Phil Peso hotel near the hospital, 400 peso/day but i'm sure a long term rate could be arranged, same for the cafe next door.. me if you chose the Philippines..

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Thanks so much for the information.......I will be flying my mom in from India and yes, treatments abroad (India as well) are quite a bit cheaper. I'm bringing her here because I will be able to monitor her here and take care of her as well. I'm also going to be trying some Complementary treatments as well........vitamins, supplements, etc. Have any of you heard of success with Alternative treatments or IPT Healing?

Thanks again,

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..personally i'd go to India, she'll get qualilty care there that you can afford, even with airfares.. apologies i didn't read your signature but i'd guess you're Indian, so therefore is she. errrr so she too is a practical woman, pay what you can afford in India, it'l go further than in the USA, and you get the holidays..

..and to be honest, she gets faces around her she can talk to..

..if you want to monitor her, and as a good child you should, then ask for an internet link, get everything sent to you by e-mail, they'll do it, very sensible people, and i'm sure you can find a white onco who'l be willing to participate as your explanation point..

..use the modern world, s'what it's there for..



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