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My FIL stopped all treatment of his NSCLC (after a valiant 18 mo fight) Lately he has had the chills, like what you get when you're running a fever--but he has no fever. Sunday it took him 3 hours to finally warm up. Besides the cold feeling, he experiences terrible shakes--like shivering on steroids...The hospice nurse didn't have any answers other than the fact that he's 79 and weighs 125 lbs (???) Has anyone in stage IV untreated experienced this (he's off all meds now except blood pressure and darvocet for pain)

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My dad who is 78 and weighs a little under 130lbs has the same thing. His doc and hospice both say it is r/t his weight and cancer both. My dad is also stage 4 and opted for no treatment. He does take tylenol at times and even though he doesn't have a fever he said that helps. He is also on no meds.

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Thanks for the input...I looked all over the web but could only find information on chills and shivering as it related to having a fever. We're walking the same path; I'd be interested to know how your dad is doing.

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My dad was in the hospital for pneumonia in November 08 and was diagnosed with NSCLC at that time. He has a 7cm tumor in his rt lung and a 3ish cm in the left. Not anywhere else at that point. His doc very bluntly told him the facts and my dad, who has extensive medical knowledge, declined any treatment. he was given 4-6 months at that time and was started on hospice. Since then he is fatigued, sleeps a little more, and doesn't eat much...but other than that is "normal. He is in no pain and other than being freezing all the time he can do everything he has always done. He made the comment last week that he wished it was summer so he could go fishing.
I am just waiting for the other shoe to fall...

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I am an eight year LC survivor. This past year I had critical experiences with extreme, uncontrolled shaking, resulting in major breathing complications.

Emergency crews rushed me to the hospital where urinalysis tests revealed that I had a severe Urinary Track Infection (URI), with complications. Sometimes symptoms may be due to causes unrelated to our cancers.

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My father in law lives with his daughter, and when the phone rings and its her caller ID, I hold my breath. It's exhausting, isn't it? I liken it to walking into the wind, always being braced for the next thing. The hospice nurse comes tomorrow (weekly visit) so we'll see how his vitals are...the only real gauge as to how he's doing. Ugh. And yes...we are practically neighbors...I'm across the expressway from the Detroit Zoo :)

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thanks for the info...hospice coming today and I'll have her do a urnialysis...:)

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Hi Denise,

I have been experiencing chills w/o fever since our winter weather has become colder. I am not thin but I'm not overweight either. I do have low blood pressure. I'm not on steroids now but was in December for back pain. I see my oncologist Monday for a checkup and my routine CTscan and am going to ask him about this. It takes anywhere from 2-3 hours to warm up when I go to bed. I have plenty of blankets and a down comforter but have been using a heating pad on my feet. Last night, my body shook like I had a high temp but I didn't.

This has been happening even in the afternoon when I take a nap. I'm hoping my is my body trying to adjust to the winter cold.

Best wishes,


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My understanding is that standard chemo can make one intolerant to the cold. Which of the standard insufusion drugs do it, I am unsure. This is my 3rd winter with NSLC and I start feeling cold in late afternoon and fight it all night. I have to wear a stocking cap in the house and 3 layers of clothes. I am Stage IV , am not thin and go to exercise class and lead a fairly normal life. I have no pain and my numerous tumors are small after losing a lobe. Doc says it is not the "chills" since my teeth do not chatter and my body does not shake and I don't have a fever. I TOO AM TIRED OF BEING COLD MOST OF THE TIME....but I am ALIVE....cynthia from MO.

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