Cellect-Budwig Protocol

Has anyone out there ever done the Cellect-Budwig Protocol who has Stage IV lung cancer? My friend is considering it...What were your results ?

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I don't have any insight for you but was wondering the same thing myself. I was going to start my dad on that diet.

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You can put it in the Find Box above, there is much on here about it.
Take care, Judy

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Thanks Judy

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I think I'm the one who gave her the idea, so let me provide where to go for information.

Cancertutor.com is a source for alternative cancer therapies. If you go to their home page you can read about what they call "Stage IV" alternative protocols. The Cellect/Budwig protocol is one of the two that they discuss. What is significant is that, based on observed results over time, the two "Stage IV" protocols listed have been effective in MANY cases of ADVANCED cancers. Notice that I did not say all cases that have tried it. But it definitely is something for seriously ill cancer patients to consider - particularly as in this case, where the person was unable to continue further conventional treatment, yet wanted to continue the fight.

Note that it is tough for ANY treatment to be successful with ADVANCED cancers. So ANY success, after a long line of treatments that didn't work, is significant!

As an aside, all of the alternative therapies seem to work best if tried BEFORE conventional treatment. This is simply because that they work through the immune system, and the person's immune system usually suffers under conventional treatment. But, that said, it appears that MOST users of alternative programs have tried some form of conventional treatment first - and have done OK.

This is NOT an endorsement of alternative treatments over conventional ones. From what I've seen and read, both have their place - it depends on the individual circumstances of each case. My wife had surgery, and we are most thankful that it was available.

Unfortunately, many advanced cancer patients find themselves at the end of their rope when their oncologist tells them "there is nothing else we can do". At least there are self-directed alternative therapies that the person can turn to, so they at least have SOMETHING going for them!

These two "Stage IV" protocols are probably the best solution I've run across for these type situations. To the best of my knowledge they are safe, and relatively inexpensive - so the worst that can happen is that maybe the person was too far gone for the therapy to work for them (as a rule of thumb, it seems that the person must have 2 months of life remaining when the start the protocol).

But, how many of our friends on this Inspire forum routinely pass away who have done EVERYTHING that conventional treatment could offer, yet for differing reasons, it did not work past a certain point?

I think the answer is that there simply are no perfect solutions. You must just select what looks to be the best for your circumstance, after talking with as many experts as you can find. Then keep a positive attitude, follow your treatment program religiously, and pray for the best.


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Excellent post Al.............

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I was doing Bugwig prior to starting chemo. I cant seem to get it down now. I want to try to start again if nothing else i felt better and more energized . I also just posted an article my friend sent me this morning you may want to take a look...

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Thank you Rancher Al for being so responsible in not recommending the protocol in place of conventional treatment.!

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It didn't work for my mom who was diagnosed with stage 4 nsclc. I found the Cellect Budwig protocol on cancertutor.com and it was the recommended protocol for stage 4 lung cancer. She was taking the oral chemo drug 'Tarceva' but me and my sister convinced her that she should stop Tarceva and follow the protocol instead. All alternative cancer treatments are against traditional drugs, and the more we researched on this topic the more convince we were that curing cancer with alternative method is very possible and easy (80% sucess rate that many website claims). However, it didn't work for her because she developed shortness of breath, heavy chest and was extremely tired. She couldn't breath lying down or even leaning back on a chair. She had to sleep in the sitting position. We were in and out of the emergency room many times during the 2 months after she was diagnosed with cancer due to breathing problem. Her x-ray shows that the tumor had grown bigger too. However, all this were explained by alternative forums that it is expected due to the increase in toxicity generated by the dead cancer cells, and that the tumor has to get bigger before it shrinks. Her health drastically degenerated with every passing day and could not even stand up on her own toward the end. She died within 2 months after diagnosis. Everyone was shocked by how soon she passed....all other cancer patients we know or read about last many months or years. We were communicating with another person who was doing this protocol for the same cancer condition a short while before us. He was extremely weak and could not swallow, and was coughing up a lot of blood last time we exchanged email. I don't have the heart to tell him that my mom has passed. I wish people would've shared their unsucess stories so I know what we were dealing with. All we found were sucess stories, all the unsucessful ones stay silent. This is the reason why I'm posting my mom's unsucessful story so you know what to expect. I'm not saying alternative doesn't work, because it works for many people. But as far as my experience and the person I was communicating with, cellect budwig does not work for stage 4 lung cancer.

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